26 November 2014

36 Days of Buqo Christmas

 The Thrill of Giving.

'Tis the season of giving and, yet again, the Christmas spirit brings out the generous side in most (if not all) of us. What you would love to know is that we here at buqo have also contracted the generosity bug that's been going around! So to mark our very first Christmas, we have prepared a little something (quite awesome, actually) just for you!

That "Childhood" Feel.

We want you to re-experience that "childhood" feeling of anticipating, of finding your gift under the Christmas tree, up to the moment of opening it to your heart's delight. But this time, allow us to do it digitally (we're an app after all). Dear friends, we to present to you "36 Days of Buqo Christmas". Yes, that's 36 days! Because 12 days just isn't enough!

A New Gift Every Day!

So what happens in those 36 days? Buqo will be giving away a book or magazine EVERY SINGLE DAY from November 26 up to the very last day of 2014. A new item will be featured daily and will be completely free to download for 24 hours. Hey, that's a total of 36 books and magazines you'll be finding under the "Christmas tree" (a.k.a. the "36 Days of Buqo Christmas" banner in the app). Isn't that exciting?!

How Does It Work?

We kept it simple. Starting November 26 at 11:00am, a new book or magazine will be unveiled on our social media channels as the featured freebie every day (better add us up now!). You will then have 11:00am until 10:00am the next day to get it. When 11:00am comes around again, a new freebie will be up for grabs.
The buqo apps and website will have a special banner in the store that you can check anytime for the featured freebie. If you don't have the buqo app yet, now's the best time to get it. Download it on your iOS or Android device, or both!

Add us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you'll be sure to get the freshest and latest news on buqo. Visit us at www.buqo.ph.

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24 November 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Want More Sweet Endings?


sweet ending is a moment that perfectly caps off your day or week. It’s a moment to be savored and enjoyed.

And of course we all want that sweet ending in almost everything. It could be that fireworks after your dinner date, that warm toast of wine with your boss after a job well done, that one-on-one deep conversation with someone you truly love after a very long and tiring day, that good night kiss from your lovey dovey as he/she bids goodnight..Or how about that wonderful Friday movie night with Cadbury Dairy Milk and Nuffnang Philippines? Hmm. Sounds amazing, right?

Because the odds were all in my flavor, I've watched the premier night of Mockingjay (Part 1) with my boyfriend and cousin!

Image Source

Yes! All thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Cadbury Dairy Milk for giving me and my #TeamFrenchVanilla Barkada Familia a truly wonderful way to  cap off the week and enjoy our sweet endings!


Before anything else, let's talk about Cadbury Dairy Milk and it's new flavors.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the smooth and creamy chocolate that gives you sweet endings – either when enjoying it alone or with your friends. Sweet endings mean savoring the good things in life, including a bar of this smooth and creamy chocolate! Now you can have your very own sweet ending in Paris while enjoying the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavors:French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse.

Enjoy the light exquisite taste of Vanilla cream-filled chocolate with the new Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla. You can just imagine sitting in view of the Eiffel Tower while savoring this delicious treat! Try siting in a quaint café while enjoying the sites and this new flavor.    

Then there’s Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Chocolate Mousse. Did you know that the word mousse in French means “foam?” Hear the strains of “La Vie en Rose” as you bite into the light and airy taste of chocolate-flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate. Watch the beautiful Manila sunset while on a Balcony and the experience of eating this chocolate will be just as romantic.  

Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse are available beginning November 2014 in the big and satisfying 180g pack for an SRP of only P180.00. Hurry though because these delectable sweet endings are yours for a limited time only.


It was last November 21, 2014 when we gather at Shangrila Plaza, Mandaluyong for a very special movie premier night of Mockingjay (Part 1) with Cadbury Philippines and Nuffnang Philippines. Yes! The night was indeed very special to me mainly because:

1. It is my first time to be part of Nuffnang's movie premier event
2. It is my favorite movie's second to the last part; and
3. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our monthsary together every 21st of the month!

Thanks for the treat, Nuffnang and Cadbury! We definitely had the sweetest monthsary so far with all your sweet and surprising treats!

Because we are happy and blessed!

We also got to be with my cousin, and I believe she definitely enjoyed the night!

Together with my pretty cousin!

We are #TeamFrenchVanilla!

While waiting for the program to start, we got to watch Cadbury Dairy Milk newest commercial! And because we are the very first one to enter the cinema, we've watched the commercial for over twenty times! And my head is still in an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) mode! Haha!

“Baby baby baby baby.. Heaven sent you. Maybe maybe maybe maybe.. We were meant to be together, be forever, two lil’ hearts go, boom. Bo-boom boom boom.”

Also, before the show started, we played games and had a raffle! Bad thing I wasn't able to participate to the game because the Nuffies are really competitive! Haha!

Winners got a big box full of Cadbury sweets, movie passes, and gift certificates! Really a wow!

We played bring me!
Cadbury Philippines Brand Manager while explaining the newest limited edition of
French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse

Here is the very cheerful Cadbury Philippines Brand Manager explaining the newest limited edition of French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse. She also raffled out more boxes of Cadbury Dairy Milk! The program was really fun -- I am sure we all definitely had a blast!

Here's by the way the trailer for Mockingjay Part 1! You should never miss this out, friends!

 Mockingjay + Cadbury Dairy Milk + Nuffnang + Friends =  MY KIND OF SWEET ENDING! 

 Want to have MORE sweet endings? 

Join Cadbury's contest HERE and get a chance to have your own sweet ending in an all expense paid in Boracay with --- not just two, not just three, not just four but FIVE of your friends plus pocket money! Isn't that great! So click HERE now and let's join Cadbury's Sweet Ending contest!

Watch these all out and check out how to have more sweet endings!

Thanks again to Nuffnang Philippines Cadbury Philippines for this awesome treats!

For more sweet endings, follow Cadbury on:

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Why I Love Techne's Makeup Workshop (And You Should, Too!)

As mentioned in my previous blog post about Techne, I am never really into makeup. I feel like my face is like that of a scary clown in full paint. (Maybe that's the reason why I never really want to paint my face. Haha.)

But I realized.. Why not try new stuff, be adventurous, walk out of my comfort zone, and just be free to do more, seek more, and be more

(c) iampiathought
I know! This really sounds exciting! It's like doing what you really want to do and not just stuck with what life commands you to do. 

And oh! Do you still remember your first make up ever? 
Because personally, I will never forget my first all out makeup. 

I can still remember when I tried to put my makeup on with just a pressed powder, black eyebrow pencil, and red lipstick. And then, my Mother scolded me. For what? For my panda-looking eyebrows! Yes! And we didn't talk the whole day because I still want my pitiful eyebrows. Haha. I can't resist laughing now whenever I remember that!

Good thing there are now very useful Youtube Makeup tutorials posted by the famous HMUAs (Hair and Makeup Artists).

BUT being in an actual makeup workshop is, of course, way much better. 

Before we talk about the event itself, let me first introduce Techne. 

Techne means beauty in all aspects of art. It aims to help fellow Filipino women to know more about the basics of makeup to how to put your holiday makeup, to shaping your eyebrows, and many more. 

But wait! Techne's workshops doesn't end only in makeup. So watch out for more workshops, events, seminars on photography, modeling, drawing/sketching, personality development, and many other surprises that will help you unleash the creative side in you! I know these will really be exciting!

It was last November 15, 2014 when I got to attend this awesome makeup workshop which is now on its 3rd batch. This was held at Thompson Square, Tomas Morato, Quezon City and lasted for about five long yet super fun hours!

It is really a privilege to know people behind Techne. Aside from being super talented, all-in-one beautiful Donyas, they are also kind, friendly, and humble ones. 

L-R: Vicel, Rizza and Nizza 
(c) Xic Gueco 

1.  Vicel Enriquez

Vicel Enriquez is the group's professional Hair and Makeup Artist. She is practicing makeup for over five years already! Big thanks as well to Makeup Design Academy in Quezon City for molding her into being a professional HMUA! Currently, she is managing Kiss N Makeup by Vicel, a group of talented Hair and Makeup Artists. 

This beautiful woman is a cool and sweet Mom to her cute baby girl, a lovely wife to her only one, and a lover of makeup and art! (Need I say more?)

2. Nizza Gueco

Another talented artist of the group is Nizza Gueco. She is an Architect by profession, and a blogger and baker of delicious goodies by heart! You really have to try her cookies, cupcakes, and other delicious pastries! Did I also say she's into modeling and actually entered modeling school? This beautiful woman is really interesting!

Nizza also has this very friendly smile, positive aura, and big heart for everyone! 

3. Rizza Kho

Last but certainly not the least, Rizza Kho. Rizza is a nurse by profession, but then again, she is an artist by heart. She loves arts, most especially sketching and drawing! 

What I love the most about this pretty lady is her soaring confidence which inspires everyone around her!

My Three Takeways from Techne's Makeup Workshop

I believe we should always go for the better us and strive to unleash the beauty hiding somewhere within us, and to look for ways on how to nurture our God given beauty.

This Makeup workshop tackled about how to do your brows, how to apply  that holiday  and everyday makeup, basic skin care, and highlight and contour. And listed below are my top three lessons learned from Techne's Makeup Workshop.

1. Practice, practice, and practice.

As Vicel said, practice makes permanent. As applied to all, practice is our best friend in achieving our goals. We have to also be very patient in doing arts in our face and just enjoy make up! 

Never give up, never be afraid to ask, and never forget to practice!

2. Take time to check your brows.

"Why are you so sad, dear eyebrows?", asked by Wheng Divah, their fellow HMUA who assisted me with my brows. I really laughed so hard because I know that my brows' shape is like a slant letter "l" with no shape! And I don't even have the time to try and correct those! Haha! Or should I say I don't really know how?

So I am the happiest when he helped me shape my brows! So there guys, we really have to check our brows, because good brows can light your face.

3. Apply your makeup, experiment, and go out.

Never be afraid to go out with your makeup on. This enhances our looks, boosts our confidence, and unleashes that beautiful you that you never thought will be you! 

So, never be afraid to experiment with brushes, eye liners, palettes, lipsticks and many others! And lastly, go out. Show the world what you've got.

HMUA Jackie De Millan helping me with my eyeshadow!

Photoshoot by Xic Gueco

And then, we also had photoshoot by Xic Gueco of X Marks the Shot right then and there! We have our before and after photoshoot, candid shots, and of course, group shots! We really had a whole lot of fun! 

Here's my before and after shoot! (c) Xic Gueco

One of the proofs that we really enjoyed the workshop! Yahoo!

Techne and Guest Bloggers(c) Xic Gueco
L-R Tonette, Vicel, Nizza, and Rizza

L-R Wheng, Pia, and Jackie
Techne Makeup Workshop Batch 3(c) Xic Gueco

Vicel together with the super helpful guest HMUAs(c) Xic Gueco

And to complete the day, the very talented Nizza Gueco, prepared a pastry buffet by her very own Paulettes Choclettes! I tell you guys, this is one of the best cookies I've ever eaten in my life. This may seem a bit over but I think you really have to try one if you want to know why. :)

(c) Health Junkie PH

Now you know the reasons why I love Techne Makeup Workshop. And I believe you should too! 

Interested now to be part of the upcoming workshops? Like their page as Techne will be offering more workshops soon! Stay tuned and hope to see you there!

18 November 2014

17 November 2014

Sandstorm Electronic Experience 2014

On November 21st, the Philippines will bring forth a festival that will fuse its biggest talents in one massive celebration of sound – the Sandstorm Electronic Experience, produced as a collaboration between So Familiar Productions, The Wildfire Productions and Trance Till Dawn.  The event aims to make a staple when it comes to the music festival in Southeast Asia as well as  to make the Philippines, the next music destination.
The festival will be a 3 day event at 3 stages and over 50 of the country’s greatest performers from Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod  and Davao are representing every group from the city’s forward-thinking best scene producers, the enigmatic underground techno enthusiasts, the soulful house music lovers, the iconic bass music elite, to every hard hitter of the country’s biggest clubs and more. It’s about time that the country will have a festival  that pays homage to local electronic artists. A tribute to music and dominated by homegrown performers, in an absolutely breathtaking location by the sand and the water just south of the metro.

Sandstorm’s official venue is the Southcrest Beach Resort. A 15 hectare of a scenic land near the beach in San Juan, Batangas. San Juan, Batangas is 116KM from Manila, known for the wide variety of Eco-Tourism activities like hiking and swimming on the emerald green sea. San Juan, Batangas is indeed the right place for the event. They also collect P20 for the tourism fee to keep San Juan the cleanest and greenest place you’ll stay. 
Each of the venue’s themed stages will give the audience a different sound and atmosphere, taking them on a thrilling adventure through different and wildly imaginative realms. 
The events, major transportation sponsor DLTB bus line will be shuttling guests from Manila – Batangas –Manila (The transport schedule is posted below).  

Tickets are sold from P7,000 for VIP and P4,500 for General Admission.

Some of the industry’s biggest names embellish the lineup. Huge icons such as Deuce Manila, Motherbass, Red-I, Pav Parotte, Funk Avy, Martin Pulgar, Similar Objects, The Zombettes, John Odin, and Mecaha have been revealed to be performing for the festival. Joining the list are 2 international artists to be revealed in the coming days.
So better pack a lot of your swimming gear and party adrenaline as this will be a 3 day event of music and party. As we celebrate our own music with our full grown talents, plus invited international artists.
See you there and let’s party harder!
Please also like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SandstormPH
Hashtags: #idreatherbeach #see2014 #sandstorm2014

Relaunching of Bih-Zahr Restobar

Out of the ordinary, but budget friendly.

Bih-Zahr (read as bizarre) RestoBar a cozy restaurant during the day and a hip-hop, rock and rainbow haven in the night. Located at No. 6 Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. You’ve probably been asking yourself what’s with the name, Bih-Zahr? It’s because we are not your average RestoBar. It offers a wide variety of promos and group bundle of food and drink that is very light on the pocket.

Our Menu is usual, but it is unforgettable. 

Our menu offers an extensive variety of great food and cocktails for everyone’s taste. To name a few of what we offer on our menu like Sinuglaw, Pork Sisig, Sisig Pizza, Fish and Chips, Gambas, Nachos, Beef Salpicao, Steak, Chili Fingers and Dynamite. Our Chef would recommend you to try our Pancit Bihon and Pancit Guisado, it may sound that you already have tasted it a gazillion time, but when you taste our Pancit you can say “This is it!”. We also offer a wide variety of cocktails for our ladies and mocktails for those who do not drink alcohol and on the rocks drink like rum and whiskey.

Bih-Zahr RestoBar offers a week of different activities starting with:

Monday Blues - were all the music is soothing to the ears that will relax you. 

ChooseDay’s Ladies Night - were all ladies will get one (1) free cocktail upon entering and ladies will rock the night away.

Throwback Wednesday - turn back time as we en-route you to the sound of the 80’s. 

Thirstday Pride - a night filled with laughter from our LGBT invited friends. 

Frieday Rock - they will rock until you drop. 

Saturday Hip-hop - lots of scratching and DJing.

Come and Join us, as we Re launch Bih-Zahr RestoBar on November 8, 2014 at 4:00 P.M. We will have an overflowing of foods, drinks and laughters. We have many exciting games for everyone to enjoy. We will also launch our newest promos and barkada bundles that are below P1,000. 

Jam with us on Social Media:
Facebook: BihZahrRestoBar
Twitter: @bsrestobar
Instagram: @bzrestobar
hashtags: #bzrestobar #bihzahrultrabar

Philippine Ducati Weekend 2014

Philippine Ducati Weekend is based on the popular World Ducati Week, which is held at the Misano World Circuit in Italy. The Philippine Ducati Weekend was first launched at Clark International Speedway, Philippines, in 2012. From the first Philippine Ducati Weekend, it had achieved an outstanding level of success from the attendance because of its variety of events, activities and full immersion of pure Ducati Lifestyle. This event only happens every two years.

Ducati Philippines will make raves as we once again bring the most exciting Motorbike event in Manila and Clark .. THE PHILIPPINE DUCATI WEEKEND!

Hundreds of people are expected to witness this once in a lifetime "2-wheel" spectacular in the Philippines. Highlights of the Event will include a Ducati Diavel Drag Race, Motokhana, track-day for both Ducati owners and non-Ducati owners, Dunk Tank for a cause, Bikini Bike Wash and the much awaited viewing of the Ducati Scrambler. Superbike champion Carlos Checa will also be gracing the event. Aside from that, there would also be concessionaires for motoring, food, drink and games. The great thing is that there are different packages to choose from that will suit one's preferred activities.

The Philippine Ducati Weekend is an event open to all, motorcycle enthusiasts and non-motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Save the date, see you all at Clark International Speedway on November 22-23, 2014, and let's all be a part of this historical Ducati event in the Philippines!

For tickets, you may contact 09178691790 or you may visit Ducati dealership stores (Ducati Manila, Ducati Alabang, Ducati Bacolod & Ducati Davao).


Scroll down for more information:

See you there!

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