Why Piathought?

So you might be wondering why this blog is called Piathought. Or maybe you are just curious enough to just click the question above. Or.. Maybe you just don't care at all. Haha.

Piathought actually should be Piatot.

Back when I was in my high school days, I was so thin that people call me Piatot or Payatot. However, of course I don't want my blog to sound bad, I thought of a more decent one. After hours of pondering, I came to the decision of naming my forever blog Piathought.

I have been fond of writing ever since my highschool years but was just ‘too afraid’ to open my mind to the world. The feeling and thought of someone I knew reading my works creep me out. (Yeah, I know. Really pathetic. Haha.)

Just this year, when I got to realize that God has given us talents that we should express instead of hide, I told myself to just write even if no one is reading, write even if no one is noticing, and write because God has given me the talent and passion that I should nurture. I believe His plans for me are bigger and stronger than my fears.

Also, one thing about me is that, even before I graduated with the course of Marketing Management, I feel that I will really be a businesswoman someday. I am especially fond of making my own online businesses in order for me to exercise all the things I learned from school. I also love to make feasibility studies, study online marketing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship in order for me to build my dream businesses.

I am also in love with painting, drawing, sunset, deep ocean, blue sky, beaches, summer breeze and all other things with bright and pastel colors.

Below are just some of my favorite topics that I will never get tired of writing:

1.       God's Words
2.       Food Reviews
3.       Spa Reviews
4.       Travels
5.       Movies
6.       Events

Want to work with me? Questions? Reactions? Shoot me an email at thoughtpia@gmail.com and let's be friends.

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