13 September 2014

Because I Love Blogging!

..and I hope blogging will love me too. Haha.

This is my nth swear-this-will-be-my-forever-professional-blog. Yes. I am close to classifying myself as a frustrated blogger. So disappointed and frustrated, eh? Haha! No, not really of course. I know there is a time for everything and I believe that this is the best time and I hope this is God's time for me to have a new blog again.

I have been jumping from blogspot to wordpress then to other blogging sites but still, I don't get the feeling of me going somewhere in my blogging career. Sorry for being mean like that but at this very moment, I just want something new, exciting, and fresh and that means making a new and most of all, organized blog.

I have been in love with the blog name Pia Thought which clearly defines me so, I decided to retrieve it from my old blog and get some blog posts from there.

And while rearranging my widgets on this new blog, I am also trying to answer questions like:

  • What do I really want to write? Do I really want to write? Why?
  • What are my goals for this blog? Do I just want to write my personal life experiences? Or help other people in questioning what, why, where, when and how?
  • What areas or subjects I am fond of that I can willingly write without anything in return?
If you are a blogger, I know you have thought about these too. Right? And with all those questions, what I realized was that I really WANT to write and SHARE my experiences in areas that I believe and interests me the most.

So, here what interests me the most:

  • I really believe that God has plans for us. He is the Most High, who gave up His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for us to be free from our sin. And with that, I want to honor Him and spread the good news to all people who might read this blog.

2. Creativity and Organization (update: I decided to move this to my old niche site)
  • Creativity
    • Ever since, I am always fascinated by all creative stuff such as DIYs, colors, mosaics, paintings and many more! I am more into black and gray these past few years and I looking forward to being one of the colorful persons you will ever know. :)
  • Organization
    • Like creativity, I am really into organization. I love looking and reading blogs about organization and I want to be an organized person because as of the moment, I am more into the free minded one who loves to just randomize things and all. I believe that being creative has also something to do with organization that's why I put the two together.
  • Marketing
    • Being a Marketing Professional, I realize how important Marketing is in our business. It is the driving force for the attainment of one of the main goals of each every company and organization -- to have more sales. So with the best Marketing strategy, along with strategic mix of overall management, everything is possible.
  • Investment
    • I believe everyone of us should start investing and should be educated what investing is and how it works. I am looking forward to write and learn more about investing.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • I will always be an Entrepreneur by heart. I love the idea of selling something to people. I know that Filipinos have the heart for selling. Looking forward to writing articles about my adventure to entrepreneurship.

4. Food and Spa

  • Food
    • Well, who doesn't love to eat friends? Haha! This is the main reason why we can't continue our diet plans and all because reality is that we all love food! Since I am also fascinated by cooking, I will be writing all my adventures with buffets, cooking 101 and all!
  • Spa
    • Spa -- I actually want to go to the nearest spa right now! My back is aching and I feel like I want to be stretched or something. Haha! I have many plans for this and I know this will be very exciting!

5. Travels and Movies
  • Travels
    • And this is the most exciting for me! Travel, travel, travel! Well I think all of us wants to be free from the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while. We all thought of the idea of watching the calm sea with family, being on top of a mountain with the one you love or that wonderful feeling of being reunited with nature.. Or maybe just be in an unfamiliar and beautiful place excites me the most.
  • Movies
    • I am not that fond of watching movies. Oh! Let me rephrase that.---  I am not fond of watching movies, alone. --- I want someone to watch with because I believe that it is happier and a lot exciting when you cry, laugh or shout with someone while watching movies. But  of course, we sometimes want to have our 'me' time. :)
UPDATE: After four months, I've met new people who inspires me to be more, to learn new things, and to be what I want to be. I have added many new topics that I will never thought I would write about like events, beauty, and many others. I also deleted some topics above like marketing and business because I am planning to also have a niche site only for those topics to have an organized lifestyle blog. 

I honestly don't know what lifestyle blog is until I've met and read some lifestyle blogs. Indeed, learning is a process. :)

Also, I am so excited for my 2015 Projects! These are the goals that I have to hit every month. I know that by blogging about it, I will be more motivated, inspired, and excited to reach all those. ♥

Again, welcome to the new Piathought! I hope my blog entries can be a great help to you. 

Let's be friends! Shoot me an email thoughtpia@gmail.com for event coverage, features, and advertisements! Would be so happy to hear from you! ♥

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