13 September 2014

Villa Alfredo's Resort, San Fernando, Pampanga

The almost three-long-hour ride to Villa Alfredo's Resort in San Fernando, Pampanga was indeed worth the wait. The nature-inspired resort with mini zoo full of birds of different kinds, snakes and colorful fishes is a yes-yes feeling! It is really best for family getaway, barkada night out or just a simple day tour!

As much as I enjoyed with this resort, there are also some areas that I have taken into much consideration in reviewing this. 

Note: I have nothing against the resort or the people in it. I am just stating what I witnessed in our visit.

Here are some of the areas to consider:

Swimming pools:        7

We visited Villa Alfredo's on a Sunday. And since it is on a weekend, we expected that there will be more people than the usual regular weekdays. After some chit-chats with friends, we then headed to the Aztec Wave Pool and we were dumbfounded when we saw people like Koi fishes happily waiting for the food, I mean, waves under the sun. I was not able to take pictures of the wave pool on that day but here is the picture from Villaalfredo's Resort's website. Imagine it full of people. :) One big pool party! Yeah!

(c) villaalfredos

(c) Artel
Room: 7

Since we are more or less 10 in the group, we decided to rent the ANA Room. This includes one air-conditioned room with one bed, toilet and bathroom and a veranda with one long table and few chairs. This is all for P2,000. I think that's cheaper compared to other resorts since the area is somewhat wide and you have your own privacy.

The room is really for like four or three persons if you will be staying the whole night. But since we just stayed for the whole day, the place is fine for 10 or more persons. However, the toilet and bath is not really clean and it doesn't smell right. But still, one thing I like about it is its wide and not like the other hotel rooms with just small one.

Environment: 8

The environment is truly lovely. It has gardens and landscapes everywhere, mini zoos that little kiddos will surely enjoy and many other picture perfect area. 


  • The group visited this resort on a Sunday, summer time, that's why it is very crowded, especially the wave pool.
  • We weren't able to rent videoke because the reservations are full. We hope that they can increase the number of videokes for their resort. I think we will be happier if we have videoke since the boys love singing. LOL. 
  • One time, we asked Ate (Kuya, I guess lol) if she can take a picture of us. Then I saw the I-have-many-things-to-do facial expression but still, she manged to smile and click the camera. We said thanks but still, we hope that employee of the resorts would be more enthusiastic and approachable.

I can rate Villa Alfredo's Resort 7 out of 10 with 10 being the highest. 

Will you refer this resort to a friend?

Yes! Overall, transactions with the resort has been smooth. The environment is generally clean. Whether you will be on a day tour or overnight stay, you will surely enjoy this resort. 

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