13 September 2014

Wensha Spa Antipolo Review

UPDATE: No more Wensha Antipolo! Click HERE if you want to know more!

Feeling tired from the all the daily routines in life, my boyfriend and I thought of having a body massage.

Luckily, we got a good deal from Metrodeal at Wensha Spa Antipolo (Click here for the photos).

To go there, near Ali Mall Cubao, ride a jeepney en-route to Antipolo City Via Sumulong Hi-Way. When going uphill, the place is at your right along with Cafe-Lupe. Inform Manong driver too to drop you off at Wensha. You will never miss it.

The deal we have is 30% off which amounts to Php545 instead of Php780. Click here for more information.

My boyfriend fetched me at Sta. Lucia Mall at 3:30 PM, rode a jeepney and stopped at Wensha Spa at 4:00 PM. Since we don’t know the place, I asked Manong Driver to drop us off to the place. And, welcome to Wensha Spa Antipolo!

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After examining the place, we headed to the reception area. The receptionist informed us that we can stay for 6 hours. Sounds good!

For Metrodeal users, just hand your printed vouchers to the receptionist and she/he will give you your electronic bracelets just like these.
Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
His e-bracelet’s number is 101 whereas mine is 21. Was not able to take a picture of it though.

And no, this is not just an ordinary bracelet. This is an electronic bracelet for your locker! What’s more interesting is that this can be word at all times even when you dip into the cold and hot Jacuzzi. We as well left our shoes to the receptionist and he gave us slippers in return.

So this is the way to the ladies area:

This way is to the Gentlemen's Area:

Since it was my first time at Wensha Antipolo, I quickly looked for my locker and did not notice the lady supervising the area. I had trouble looking for my locker because I was not wearing glasses at that time. Then the lady made some annoying high-pitch ‘Pssssst. Pssst. Pssssssssst!’ noise — she looked very pissed.

Looking at her, she shouted that my locker is at the rightmost and lowest part at the end. I said ‘Thank you’ with a smile. But still, this should not be the way employees in a business should behave. This will definitely affects the business itself. After several minutes, the lady again shouted to a young lady on the direction to the shower area. I just thought that she maybe has a big voice. But again, these instances should be corrected by the management.

The lady gave me a towel and a robe and went to the washroom.  After a couple of minutes, I went out and met my boyfriend at the reception area.

Camera 360

Thanks Kuya Guard for this picture! :)

And we headed to the buffet area! It was already 4:30 PM at that time and we were feeling hungry already. Oh well, we feel hungry all the time! Haha.

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Camera 360

Camera 360

We were not able to get many pictures because we were so busy talking of many random things! After we ate, we went to the second floor to register our names for the body massage. The attendant informed us to wait for an hour for the massage. And again, we went to the buffet area and of course, ate again! Haha!

While waiting, we took a couple of shots of the area, ate lots and lots of food and talked anything under the sun! Here are some of our pictures:
Weird. He wants a picture of us always! Lol!
Eee. Again. With his wacky pose.

I really don’t want to have a solo but he insisted! Oh well, papel. :)

Camera 360

Camera 360
Having that peace sign because he ATE all of the food. Haha.

Camera 360
The ‘medyo-mahalay’ and ‘medyo-kita-ang-dibdib’ pic

After we got tired of eating, talking and taking pictures, we went down to the massage room and waited again for our turn. While waiting, there’s this certain guy with the whole family I guess who was waiting for a therapist. We saw that he was very pissed and wants a refund because according to him, their time is very limited and they went to the spa for a relaxation; and not for stress of waiting.

Then after minutes of waiting the guy and his family brushed off the spa. Just so sad. Indeed, the business should have a number of therapists that could cater to the needs of their customers.

Also, another guy who seemed pissed as well already, announced that he no longer wants the service; meaning he now wants a refund. Oh-oh.

Then, after about 3 minutes, it’s Marvin’s turn. He quickly informed the attendant that he’ll just accompany me to the Ladies Massage Area and will get back right away.

The Body Massage Experience

It was heaven! If only I could groan and moan loudly, I would. Hahaha! The name of my therapist is Eunice and we did a little chit-chat while she was massaging me. It was really heaven.
Marvin texted me, saying that his therapist is a lesbian and is not that friendly. Ayii, I doubt. Haha!

After an hour of massage, we again ate and went  to our own wet areas. I tried the hot and cold Jacuzzi and sauna. Luckily, we were just two on the wet area. So, I stripped nekked, laughed silently and dipped my cold body on the pool. Ahaha!

It’s already 9:30 PM when we left the place. All in all, the experience was great! We will definitely try this again. :)

Camera 360

For more information visit them on:

Wensha Spa Antipolo Facebook Account: Wensha Antipolo Facebook

Wensha Spa Antipolo Address: G/F Comoda Ville, 267-269 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo
Wensha Spa Antipolo Contact Details: 655-7377

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