01 October 2014

La Eutopia Spa Antipolo: A Review

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​So you might be wondering why you are not seeing Wensha Antipolo's name on Metrodeal, Ensogo and other deals site. It is because Wensha Antipolo was already replaced by La Eutopia Spa. 

Yes, you have read that right!

So last September 21, 2014, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Wensha Antipolo since we had a very great experience with them the last time we visited the place though there are, of course, some issues that we noticed that management needs to take a look at. Take a look at my blog about Wensha Antipolo here. But still, we fell in love with the place, the overlooking and romantic view, the food -- shabu shabu, unlimited drinks and beer and the massage of course.

La Eutopia Spa

Since the place is near our house in Cainta, and because it is our second time already, we didn't had a hard time locating the place. We took the route going to Antipolo Sumulong via jeepney, but still, we made kulit Manong Driver to drop us off to Wensha. 

And then, when we arrived, it seems like the place has its eerie aura like those of the horror movies. Haha. Seriously! We asked Kuya Guard immediately and he said Wensha was replaced by another spa which is called the La Eutopia Spa. 

It was about 2PM or 3PM then so we just decided to try the new found spa. But still, we feel dismayed, sad and betrayed. Betrayed? Haha! But then, I still loved the comforting place.

La Eutopia Spa

So here's what welcomed us when we are are looking for Wensha Antipolo. According to the owner and to the receptionist who welcomed us, they took over the place last December 17, 2013 and will be celebrating their first year anniversary in less than 100 days.

After a little chitchat with the receptionist, we decided to try the place since it also looks accommodating.

We chose the Eutopia Signature massage since it is the combination of the Hilot Wellness, Swedish Massage and the Shiatsu. We were also informed that since the owner of the business is a vegetarian and health conscious, they lower downthe number of dishes that they are serving compared to the usual Wensha's unlimited buffet. 
La Eutopia Spa
They have a 20% discount for the above mentioned dates, only from 11AM to 5PM.
La Eutopia Spa
Here's our locker bracelet!

La Eutopia Spa
Female's Wet Area
  Male's Wet Area
And here are the wet areas for the ladies and gentlemen​. The place is clean, the employees have that willingness to do their job to the best of their abilities and I can see that the management is also doing their best to give every customer the best spa experience.

​While writing this, I can still hear the spa's background music. It is really therapeutic, comforting and makes you feel at 'home', and sometimes I feel like I am at the top of the mountain. Haha! 

The place really promotes that 'nature' feel and I can give them a thumbs up for that because as a nature lover, it made me feel reunited with nature again.

Outside the wet areas 

Here's their comfort room. Really clean.

So here's the ladies wet area. It is smaller than Wensha Antipolo's. They have few lockers, some equipment for back massage and a big wide mirror.

Ladies locker

Let's now go to their dining area and our dining experience. Honestly, I want to go back at Wensha Antipolo because I also want to eat on their overlooking dining place in its second floor. However, La Eutopia's dining area is on the other side now. That spot is really sentimental to me! Huhu. Brokenhearted here. Haha.

Nice and clean place.

Here's my boyfriend with his 'whuut' face ♥ 

With regards to the robe, they don't offer shorts for the boys. Yes! Haha. I know! That's why that is my boyfriend's look. All plain white for the girls and boys robe. 

Here's the bowls for their soups.

Stated on the first part of this blog, the receptionist set out expectation that the number of served food was lowered compared to the Wensha's many dishes and shabu shabu since the owner wants to promote healthy lifestyle.

They served lugaw, crab soup, pancit bihon, sandwiches. For the drinks, they offer orange juice and iced tea. Sad that coffee is not available that time. Honestly, I knew that my boyfriend was craving for food and was really very hungry that time, but, he still managed to smile and ate pancit bihon and some of the sandwiches. I can say that he is not okay with it. 

Yes! It was our anniversary ♥

Let's now go to the massage experience. Since we are the first customers, we really feel like we own the whole place. We feel like they are giving their best and extra effort for our stay. 

They offered their couple room for the massage and overall, I can say that they did great. :)

After the massage, we went to the dining are to eat. And there has been an addition to their food, coffee gulaman!

We weren't able to try their Jacuzzi and sauna. I prefer not to try because I was the only female customer. I know I should be happy but knowing that it is already 2PM, and there are no customers around, I feel strange and don't want to strip nekked. I am a really imaginative girl. Haha.

Overall, the place has really been very relaxing for us and very welcoming as well. However, my boyfriend and I would also want to be on a spa which serves a relaxing aura and sumptuous buffet as well. But still, loved the massage and the place. Will definitely visit them again.

Here's how to go to La Eutopia Spa. Address is at 267-269 Lower Ground flr. Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Mambugan, 1870 Antipolo City.


  1. Hello, Pia!

    Thanks for this awesome review. I've been a frequent goer of the old Wensha Spa and have been wondering how the replacement was. After reading your article, I feel more confident now in visiting the place again. ^_^ If you ever visit or review other spas similar to wensha (you know, massage-sauna-jacuzzi-buffet style hehe), do tell! I kind of miss the old Wensha already. >.< More power to your blog! :)

    1. Hi Chad, it was so nice seeing your name here! :) Thanks for your awesome comment. Sorry for the photos though. I dont know whats happening with them, they are broken always. Anyway, thanks again and God bless you! :)


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