13 September 2014

The Hunger Games Part 1 Movie Summary

I know this is kinda late but let me do this anyway, okay?

My boyfriend and I will be watching 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' tomorrow. Since I do not know anything about this movie, I bought a DVD copy of it and watched awhile ago. And now, I am totally blown away by the movie. The futuristic setting, state-of-the-art technology and tragic story made me write this oh-so-late review.

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The Summary: 
There is a tradition in the 12 Districts of the nation Panem that every year, each district will be sending one boy and one girl between the ages 12 - 18 for the event called 'The Hunger Games'. 'The Hunger Games' is an annual televised event that aims to entertain all and that will put all 23 others to death leaving only one person as the winner. 

The story was the on the part of Katniss Everdeen, a girl from the District 12th who volunteered to be the 'one' instead of her younger sister who was called out of the lottery. She was later joined by Peeta Melark who once gave her a piece of bread. They were brought to the Capitol and was joined by their drunkard coach. They were given two weeks to practice on how to live in the forest. They also had interviews to get more 'sponsors' that would give them food, shelter, medicine and anything while they are on the game. Katniss also has an impressive stylist that made her dresses fire. The stylist also happen to be the person who understands her the most.

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The two week preparation ended and they are now on their way to the forest. On the first part of the game, many tributes died already. She headed to the forest and made things for hunting and got a bag full of ropes, an empty bottle, a black sack and others. After days of walking, she saw that Peeta is now an ally to other tributes and they were looking for her to be killed. One day, she was found by the others and went up a tree. They were trying to kill her but to no avail until she managed to escape with the help of Peeta and after days of sleeping, she woke up one morning with leaves on his hands and neck. Then, she saw Rue. Rue is a young girl tribute of District 11. After days of being together, Rue was killed by another tribute. Katniss picked flowers and spreads it all over Rue's body as a sign of respect and honor to have her.

One day, the announcer said that a change of rule was formulated - a couple from the same district can win for the year's event. She immediately looked for Peeta and found him wounded and hiding near the river. She nursed him and looked for shelter. They found a cave to stay. They talked, slept together and again, she nursed him until he already recovered. 

After fighting and winning with the last male tribute from another district, the two waited for the game makers to announce their victory. However, they revoked the rule again and changed it to only 'one' should be the winner. They look at each other and Peeta gave way for her. He wants her to kill him. But instead, Katniss got deadly seeds on her hands, gave some to Peeta and with the act of suicide, the Gamemakers announces that they are now the winners of the 74th Hunger Games event.
On their way to their District, they talked and Peeta was heartbroken knowing that the sweet nothings of Katniss was just part of the 'plan' to get more sponsors from the audience. But little did he know that Katniss is also unsure of her feelings for the man.

With this, I am definitely excited for the sequel and we will be watching it tomorrow! The movie gave me goosebumps, jumps and screams. Since I am the only one watching, I looked like a retard actually. The setting is great, the characters have portrayed their roles strongly, the director and the whole staff are amazing for his kind of movie result and of course, the writer, Ms. Suzanne Collins is one of the best writers ever. 

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