01 November 2014

One Yummylicious Night with Zhu Kitchen

I am never a fan of Chinese dishes. As much as possible I go with the usual Filipino food and try to avoid Chinese restaurants thinking that I will not enjoy the food. Having the usual Filipino taste buds, I am not into noodles, dimsums and all -- but, Zhu Kitchen changed and reversed the whole idea! Craving for dimsums now! 

Last October 29, 2014, I was invited for a dinner date with the Zomato team (or Zomans -- that's what Zomato's cheerful employees call themselves. I know it's cool! Haha) and other fellow foodies at Zhu Kitchen located at BGC, Taguig.

The Foodies, Zomans and Chef Karl Kaw!
Our call time was 6:30 in the evening and because I was so excited since it is my first foodie adventure with the Zomans, I was able to arrive before the desired time. Luckily, I got to know Chef Gervin Karl Kaw, the owner and Master Chef of Zhu Kitchen. And I tell you, he is one great conversationalist! We had a chitchat for a couple of minutes and learned so much on that short span of time! Was surprised to know as well that he is the best friend of Frederick D. Go, the CEO of my former employer, Robinsons Land Corporation. Uh-Oh. Haha.

Brave enough to take a pic with this 6'3" guy! I looked like a dwarf here. Haha! 
We chatted for almost 20 minutes and as much as I want to share it with you guys, I don't want this post to be super long! I'm thinking to invite him over coffee and do a one-on-one interview with him. He has this very interesting past, and a wonderful present with family (a beautiful wife and lovely children) and a fascinating future. And as per him, he is a solid Christian. 


Zhu Kitchen is pronounced as "Chu Kitchen". As explained by Chef Kaw, it is named after her grandmother "Zhu" who was known to be a great cook. He also explained how her grandmother taught him to love his employees and how that helped him on his businesses.

What's special here at Zhu Kitchen is that you can order dishes you want to try even if it's not on the menu provided that ingredients are just within reach! Chef Kaw proudly announced that many of his loyal customers asked for dishes they have tried while they were out of the country or just even just here in the Philippines.. and they managed to cook those for the love of their customers. I also shared about Mr. Choi's Eggplant with Minced Pork and was surprised when he is also one of the owners of Mr. Choi! He also asked me if I want them to cook it the Zhu Kitchen style! 

 The Menu 

 The Dishes 

Zhu Kitchen first offered Hakaw Dimsums (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings) and Pork Siomai. What's good about Zhu's Hakaw is they are generous in their shrimps in every dumpling, and with their Pork Siomai -- just exceptional. I think I ate three out of four. Haha!

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (P125)
Pork Siomai (P90.00)

One of Zhu Kitchen's recommendations for noodles is their Beef La Mian. I am not really fond of noodles and beef but this dish is an exception. The noodles was cooked really well so as the beef. No wonder it is one of Zhu Kitchen's must try.

Beef La Mian (P175.00)
Beef La Mian (P175.00)

Wondering what's this seems-like-creamy-something? It's the White Sauce Seafood Baked Rice -- my instant favorite! Imagine me and my glowing big eyes while eating this. Haha! It's like an all-in-one rice + seafood + baked-something (?) + veggies. This good for three to five baked rice is highly recommended indeed.

White Sauce Seafood Baked Rice (P245.00)

Along with the Baked Rice, my other favorite is Deep Fried Seafood X.O. Radish Cake. I honestly don't know how to explain this dish. Haha. This looked like tokwa to me but, once you bite this boxed- type seafood, you'll know how soft and smooth it is. Also, even if you don't know the name of this dish, you will know that it is a seafood kind of dish. 

Deep Fried Seafood X.O. Radish Cake (P168)
Zhu Kitchen's Crispy Lemon Chicken has clearly established its name. If you are a Crispy Chicken Lemon lover, this one is for you.

Crispy Lemon Chicken (P240.00)
In addition to Zhu's must have favorites is this Hot Prawn Salad. It is new to my taste buds and eventually loved the taste of prawn in a salad type serving.

Hot Prawn Salad (P360.00)
This Roasted Garlic Spinach w/ Fish Fillet in Egg White Sauce has a very interesting history. As Chef Kaw said, there is this one time when he and his family was so hungry. They cannot go out as this is when Ondoy struck Manila. He opened their fridge and saw nothing but century eggs and spinach. He cooked it. His family loved it. And then, the rest is history! Yep! You've got to try this dish.. It's as interesting as its history!

Roasted Garlic Spinach w/ Fish Fillet in Egg White Sauce (P240)
And finally, Zhu's Kitchen pride, Zhu Special Taho. I always love Taho. But this one is now my favorite. Along with its great way of serving in a wooden bucket (I love buckets!), is its way of saying, "You'll come back here for sure." 

Zhu Special Taho (P168.00)
Loving this shot!

I enjoyed every dish that Zhu Kitchen offered that I forgot my dying die-t! Haha! 

 The Zomans and Foodies 

The happy kid in me jumped for joy when I got an invite (or should I say volunteered haha) from Elaine of Zomato for a foodie meet up at Zhu Kitchen. I have met the cheerful Zomans and foodies together with their interesting blogs!

L-R: Nicole, Gian Carlo and Carl of Zomato!
L-R: Foodies Rey and Pia
L-R: Foodies Christian and Carol
We played games. Questions about Zhu Kitchen and Zomato!
I wooon!
I won, thrice! Special thanks to Mommy Lariza for all the hints. Haha!
Chef Kaw talking about his life being a 'sniper'. Really interesting. All eyes and ears on him.

 The Hand-Pull-Your-Noodles Challenge 

What's good about Zhu Kitchen is everything's made in their kitchen.. including their noodles! Chef Kaw personally goes to wet market to buy everything for their kitchen. I don't know but for me, that is just amazing. 

Karl of Zomato volunteered (or was pushed haha) to try the noodle making. We all went out to see how he make noodles!

Karl's "What are you doing??" kind of face. Haha!

He's enjoying his noodle making! Haha.

Sorry for the photo guys, but here's Karl with his finish product! 

  The Zomans, Foodies and Master Chef Karl Kaw  

The Foodies
The Foodies, Zomato Team and Master Chef Karl Kaw

Special thanks to Zomato!

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