17 December 2014

Peace, Love, and Hope for A #MerrySMChristmas

It's that time of the year again! 

Can you now feel that cold rush of wind on your skin? Those cute little boys and girls singing Christmas Carols everywhere? And of course, who cannot notice those gigantic Christmas Tree in each and every city in the metro together with all the dashing Christmas lights and decors?

People are busy doing there shopping and grocery lists, buying toys and all for their 'inaanaks', searching for the cheapest hotel for their out-of-town vacation, and have you noticed the traffic too? It's getting worse every Christmas season. Why? Because people are just so busy for Christmas is getting nearer and nearer. 

And this is all because we all want to have that perfect 'feel' of Christmas. Of course we want to feel the Christmas spirit. We want our family to have the merriest Christmas of all.

But what really is Christmas to you? To us? 

1. Christmas is a reminder to all of us that God has given up His own Son for our sins.

2. Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

3. Christmas is a reminder for hope, peace, and love which Jesus Christ gave to us.

This Christmas season, how about being a blessing to others? Maybe you have an extra money for a notebook and pen for the kid you saw on the corner of your street, or maybe you have some old toys that you might want to donate to some charitable institutions, or how about a surprise visit to an old friend or a distant relatives?

We can always be that 'Santa Claus' we are sometimes hoping for. For SM Supermalls, for just Php200.00, you get to have two bears -- one for you, and the other, to a child from an orphanage

See the smiles and happiness of the children on the poster below? We can also be one of the channels to give more of these. Head on to your nearest SM Supermalls and let's give #SMBearsofJoy for a #MerrySMChristmas!

Also, we are happy to announce how MerrySMChristmas begins! Watch full video below as SM and Team Kramer collaborates for a Merry SM Christmas!

May we all have a #MerrySMChristmas!

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