17 December 2014

Top 3 Things I love About Zomato

Are you also fond of taking pictures of your meal before you eat but doesn't know where to exactly post them? Well thank goodness Zomato is now here!

Zomato is a user-friendly website/app which aims to help us find the best restaurants nearby, see detailed restaurant info and thousands of scanned menus, and help us create our own food diary!

Zomato was founded out of a living room in New Delhi in July 2008. Now, Zomato has 750 people across 18 countries, representing 25 nationalities with over 313,700 restaurants listed, with more being added everyday.

As one of my favorite websites/apps as of the moment, I listed down my top three things I love about Zomato. 

1. New Logo

A few months back, Zomato unveiled its new logo and rebranding. What I love most about its logo is its simplicity yet straightforward logo explanation - fork strategically connected to a heart which means love for food.

This logo transcends languages and cultures. It captures the story of millions of meals and experiences being shared with a vast global community of people. The story of “people and food”

It signifies our connection with those who share our passion for food. People who love, and live, to eat. The ones who diligently chronicle their food experiences so that others are able to make better choices. Because people who love to eat are always the best people.  Founder & CEO Deepinder Goyal.

2. Website/App

Together with Zomato's new logo, I am also attracted to its clean website and app. Its simplicity, consistent data, structured restaurant information are all user-friendly that I, as an everyday user, definitely love.

3. People

I still remember the very first time I stumbled upon Zomato's website. My boyfriend and I wanted to eat at Vikings MOA for his birthday and I googled for reviews for the place. As I scrolled down, I saw Zomato's name and immediately clicked on it. I was impressed with the overall look and feel of the website so I immediately signed up and started scrutinizing the place.

After my first review, I immediately received a warm welcome message from Anton Ojeda, ZomatoPH Country Manager. At first, I thought it's just a joke, but yeah. It's real! Haha. I felt really welcomed and at home. 

He then introduced me to Elaine Taningco, ZomatoPH Community Manager. This pretty woman invited me for a lunch date on a nearby restaurant and introduced interesting facts about Zomato; its colorful history, fast growing present, and promising future. She is very enthusiastic about her job and her love for Zomato is just so clear. 

I have also met other Zomans on my very first foodie meet up at Zhu Kitchen. I can say that they are really very approachable, enthusiastic, and happy people. They have this energy towards their job which is clearly seen by their attitude towards us.

I can say that Zomato really knows how to choose their employees as I feel that they have one thing in common: passion for their respective job.

My first foodie meet up at Zhu Kitchen

Oh! One thing I love here at Zomato as well is its widget that we can embed on our posts and websites! Check out mine below!

view my food journey on zomato!

As Founder & CEO Deepinder Goyal said, "Our world has been, and will continue to be, built around conversations over great meals. History, whenever written, has always begun with a toast, followed by a feast."

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