03 January 2015

Piathought's 2014 Highlights

There has been so much ups and downs for my 2014. In fact, some things in my life last year were really a struggle. There was when my Mama was hospitalized, my resignation from the company I love, the dilemma of this and that, and just about everything in between.

There are also some points in my 2014 wherein I had to break down, cry, and kneel to God for comfort, peace, faith, and a warm embrace.

Yet, with all these, there were absolutely MORE blessings, and not to mention answered prayers that I received from our ever faithful God. And these so-called struggles? These perfectly molded me to become a better person, paved my way to be stronger, and helped me to seek God above all worldly things.

Here are some highlights of my 2014 that I will never forget because of the lessons learned, wisdom gained, and all that. This will be a very long post, as this will be my tracker for everything I have been to.


Resignation from Robinsons Land Corporation

I have been with this company for about two years and I still remember the day I stepped in our department. I had a big smile on my face because I know I am with the happiest people on Earth at that moment. The group wherein I have been into made me love the company even more. As they say, sometimes you will stay long in the company because of officemates-turned-into-friends. They are the best group I have ever had with the best boss I have ever been with. 

However life goes on and I have to move forward with my career and looked for another job. But I will never forget how these people made me smile and made me feel like I'm part of a big family.

LESSON: Your work is your second home. You consume 8 hours or more in order to pay bills, buy food and all. Let's make our work environment a happy place. Lucky you if you found one.

Visited Quezon City Circle with my ♥

Days before my resignation ended, my ♥ and I visited this place because I insisted so bad to check the area. I had so much fun because this was the first time we did things like flying (zipline), driving (small pedicab), and had a sumptuous garden picnic (ate out at the nearby restaurant surrounded by trees haha).

LESSON: Be with someone who would love to turn ordinary things into extraordinary one. 


My Oh-so-Happy Birthday

This is my very first birthday with my mother, ♥ and best friend. I am with people I truly love and what made me so happy is that even if we are just four eating inside our house, I feel so happy and contented because I am with the people I love. I also have 3 cakes! Haha. They gave me each. 

LESSON: You don't need to have a very big party or anything just to feel that it is your birthday (but if you have the means and you really want it, go of course). You can just be with the people you really love and really loves you in return and you will have the best birthday ever. Of course, never forget to thank God for another year full of blessings!

MARCH 2014

New Work

I have prayed for this new job and I thank God that He gave this to me. I have learned many things in just one year and will forever be grateful to Ayala Land Inc for giving me this one-of-a-kind experience. I am so thankful that I am in a  group of very intelligent, understanding, and beautiful people. These people are truly a blessing to me.

LESSON: God has His own plans. Let God do the rest and He will direct you to His great plans for you and me.

Six Months with ♥, Truly a Blessing

It has been just six months but I feel like it was just yesterday when we danced infront of the crowd (that is how we started haha). We ate out at Robinsons Magnolia and he wrote a contract to our forever. He is one sweet guy really.

BEST FEELING: Being with this guy beside me, loving me wholeheartedly.

APRIL 2014

Mama's Birthday with Family

If my Mama is the happiest person on this day, I am clearly the second. I always want the best for my Mother. So, seeing her so happy as we got to share this very wonderful day with his sisters all the way from Masbate, I can't help but smile and thank God for giving her all the contentment and pure heart.

Stolen picture with the group

BEST FEELING: Seeing your Mother smile and laugh so hard.

First Visit on my ♥'s Family in Pampanga

Sweaty palms, bad hair day and pumping heart are all my companions the first time I visited my ♥'s place in Pampanga. I got to meet her super kind Mother and Father. His Father gave me lots of avocados from their garden. I am one happy girlfriend!

LESSON: Do not bombard yourself with all nervousness covered with over thinking that his/her family will not accept you because that will never help you. Just be with your very honest self, doubled and coated with big smile to each and every family member. Trust me, it works. :)

Evond Mariano's First Day on Earth

My very cute nephew was born last April 22, 2014. I was not able to witness the labor of my super close cousin because of work though. This super cute baby will really rock the basketball  court because he is just so tall like his Mother and Father! 

BEST FEELING?: His cute little smile makes everyone of us amazed and happy! Right now, he just had his 8th month and he already knew how to say Pa-pa, papapapapa! And what made me really happy is how he smile. This cute little fellow knows how to make everyone smile! 

MAY 2014

Visited Villa Alfredo's Resort with ♥'s College Friends

It was my first time to meet Marvin's college buddies. So happy that he is with a group of wonderful people back then -- and until now. So happy to visit this Villa Alfredo's Resort in Pampanga resort too!  

BEST FEELING: That feeling of knowing your boyfriend's college buddies. They are really all-in-one.

JUNE 2014

Founded Ukay Okay

If you have read my about me section, you would know that I am also an entrepreneur by heart. I love to sell this and that and when my Mother and I checked that we have many clothes in our wardrobe that we need to dispose, I thought of selling them online. I was so happy that our online facebook page now gained 3,000++ likes

And now, January 3, 2014, we are relaunching Ukay Okay! Check us out!

LESSON: Just do what you want to do. Be who you are and love what you are doing. Be passionate and all else will follow. 

JULY 2014

Mama was Hospitalized

One of the worst feelings in this world for a solo child like me, who was raised by a solo parent is to see your Mother in pain. 

My Mother was hospitalized last July 2014 because of an infection on her ovaries and she needed to undergo an operation. I thanked God for the successful operation. But I thanked God even more prior to that. I saw how my Mother suffered, and it really broke my heart to bits. But I thanked God for giving me peace in my heart, that hope and faith that everything will turn out right and just how He planned to end my Mother's suffering.

Worst case? I never cried because I needed to be her strength. I never felt so down, sad and pained the whole time I was with her. But there's this time that I have to go to the office to do some important tasks. That's when I broke down and cry so hard. I actually didn't know what I'm feeling that time. It seems like all the pain I kept inside just burst out. 

What's even worse? It's when I feel like I don't have someone to talk to that time. Good thing God never left and comforted me with His words. I thanked God as well for my ♥ for he never left my side.

LESSON: Honestly, get a life insurance, Philhealth and all for your parents. We will never know what will happen. Also, and above all else, love your parents. Hug them, kiss them, tell them you love them so much before it's too late. Make them happy before you build your own family. Yes, this is my goal for my Mother. I have been in my strongest point that time. And I will do everything for her. And at the end of the day, I will never forget to thank God for everything and for those people who never forget to check on me and my Mama. You know who you are. 


Do the things you love!

Yes! Yes! Yes! These are the words I needed to hear. I was once afraid of all people. I have been bullied several times and had been too afraid to show and do the things I am passionate about. But, God never let this fear be forever in my heart. He said I am His daughter and He gave me talents that I need to cultivate, passions I have to pursue and life I need to live -- all for Him and because of Him.

LESSON: Dare to not be a people pleaser because we really don't need the approval of others. If that is your own style, let it go! If you want to sing, go! Do the best in life that our God has given us. Let's not be afraid to take risks, be adventurous, and enjoy life.


First Year Anniversary with ♥

September 21, 2014 -- our first year anniversary! I thank God for giving me this ever loyal, faithful and supportive guy who seeks God first above everything else. I think this all says it all.

Oh. Did I also say this is my very first time someone surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers inside a mall? So kiligs! Haha. We also visited La Eutopia Spa in Antipolo.

We went to La Eutopia Spa, Antipolo (formerly Wensha Antipolo)
I am the prettiest! Haha! ♥
BEST FEELING: That love wherein God is at the center of your relationship. Best feeling more than anything else because both of your heart is guarded by His love.

Relaunch of www.piathought.com

I have been blogging since I was in my college years. I think that's 9 years ago now! However, I try to hide all my writings because ironically, I don't want people I know to read my blog. Haha! Crazy, really! But, just this September 2014, I said to myself, "Why hide?" 

And then, I relaunched Piathought, wrote again and met many amazing people, attended events I love, and joined groups that made me feel like I'm part of something exciting and great. 

LESSON: Do what you love. Never be afraid of hiding your passion. 

Passport with ♥

We have been planning for this ever since and we are just so thankful that we already have our passports! First step, done!

BEST FEELING: We are one step closer to our dream of going out of the country, get our parents from the Philippines, and travel abroad! Haha.


Breakup Message for my bestfriend

I never wanted to have a bestfriend because I feel like I will be left behind again. I have been with many 'bestfriends' in my entire life but no one really stayed. 

And last October, I finally got the courage to message my bestfriend about the post I made for her last September. And I've said on that post, God has his own plans for us.

And now, we are stronger than ever. We're now not bestfriends. We're now Sisters.


Techne's Makeup Workshop

One of my favorite events last November is Techne's Makeup workshop. I really want to learn more about makeup and dolling myself that's why when I got the chance to be invited by team Techne, I never hesitated to join the event.

BEST FEELING: Knowing you can do more about improving yourself and not just be stagnant with what you are. Explore and be amazed of what you can be.


Miel Christmas Party

..and when I say party, that means we were just four in the group. Haha. Mama, Ate Jac, ♥, and myself. We exchanged gifts, drank wine, and just laughed the whole night.

BEST FEELING: We got to enjoy Jesus Christ's birthday with people you truly love.

Solenad, Laguna with ♥

So happy to be with my ♥ again in Solenad, Laguna! We took pictures, ate out, prayed, talked about us, God and all. We really had a great day.

New Year 2015

I had one of the best new year's eve in my entire life. Mother and I celebrated new year peacefully but with a very good laugh. As 12MN strikes, we got our coins and threw it all over the house. We also playfully poured coins to each other. Not because we believe in good luck but we just want to have fun. Haha! We talked until 2AM and slept with a prayer that we may be safe from accidents like stray bullets and all.

BEST FEELING: Being contented with my Mother beside me. As I looked back at my life, I realized that I never asked for a Father who will treat me as his. Wanna know why? Because I realized that my Mother is enough. She did all amazing things for me. God is really alive as He never left my Mama alone.

It is just so nice revisiting all the things I've been to this 2014. 
I am ready for 2015. 


  1. Happy new year, Pia! :) Glad you had a wonderful 2014 and hoping for more happy days in 2015.

    1. Thank you Steph! You too! Happy New Year and may we all have an awesome 2015! ♥ God bless!


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