26 September 2014

Globe Free FB is BACK!

Globe is very much excited to announce that their Free Facebook will be back next week! Fellow Filipino people are just so excited that #FreeFBisBACK hashtag on twitter trends nationwide!

Here is the official statement from Globe sent to Yahoo! Philippines about this craze! See full story here.

“At Globe, we've been working for years to create a wonderful digital experience for our customers. We have known for some time that the internet is at the heart of everything in one's digital life. Our customers know that through our great partnerships with Facebook, Spotify, Google, Viber and others.

As the telco which pioneered Free FB for the world, we are flattered and honored that our competitors have chosen to follow the lead we have set. We wish to thank them for the compliment and wish them the best of luck. More people on the internet is good for the Philippines and our ecosystem.

In the end, customers will choose the telco provider with the best digital services and the fastest experience possible. Amidst all the hype and promotions, we are happy in the fact that, at Globe, we deliver both.

We look forward to more vigorous competition to come! Stay tuned.

As Yahoo! Philippines says, indeed, Globe is the very first telco who promoted and started this FREE FACEBOOK craze. And at the end, decision will still be based on the end user -- the customers.

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