26 September 2014

Zoomanity Group: It's Cool to Zoo

Ever since we were little, we always drag our Mommy and Daddy to go to the zoo and cry and if our wishes didn't come true! I remembered before when I was little, I used to go to one of the most popular zoos in the country. And now, I am currently checking for a zoo that would give me the thrill and fun -- and ta daa! I found the Zoomanity Group!

By just looking on their website, Zoomanity Group is indeed one of the the happiest places in Subic Freeport Zone! Being the leading Company in theme park industry and part of the Yupangco Group of Companies, Zoomanity Group envisions itself to be a world class, innovative themepark and aims to be the best tourist destination that provides nature educational experiences.

Zoomanity Group has five themeparks which are the following:

  1. Zoobic Safari 
  2. Residence Inn 
  3. Paradizoo 
  4. Zoocobia Fun Zoo 
  5. Zoocolate Thrills

Woot! I think I will be loving the Zoobic Safari most! Oh! No! I think I will go with the Residence Inn and the Paradizoo, the Zoocobia Fun Zoo and.. Zoocolate Thrills may be the best too. Lol!I guess I will really be loving them all! Are you excited now? Let's check them out one by one.

Ready. Set. Go!


Zoobic Safari is one of the best attractions at Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure! It 25 hectare wide with a reall forest feel with terrains, streams and all! This is why we can be sure exotic animals roaming around can be found here! What a thrill!

Experience trekking, and watch these exotic animals, and have a great getaway with family and friends on this beautiful 25 hectare land!

Doesn't know how to get there? Here's a map for you and your friends!


Image Source

We all want that relaxation we deserve from a month or a week long project or event at work. yes guys, we deserve to have that! That feeling of groping for nature again, be in a cold, windy yet near place, or by simply going to the zoo on a weekend.

Well, lucky you because Residence Inn at Tagaytay have that in one place!

Enjoy that cold weather while looking at the peaceful Taal Lake, and reunite with some old friends (lol) on their mini zoo! Really a very great and peaceful place to rest with your whole family and friends.

Image Source
Image Source

Want to be on that near place wherein you can enjoy leisure time with your family and friends and be on that paradise and zoo at the same time?

Well, the best place for you will be Paradizoo Farm located at Mendez, Cavite! So for all those nature lovers and animal lovers like me, let's go now to Paradizoo and visit their camels, llama, miniature horses, labrador retrievers and many more!

One more highlight for this theme park cum farm zoo is that you have the 'Plant Me Home' wherein you can pick vegetables and flowers from their garden plots to take home! Wow! How cool is that!


Zoocobia is more than just your ordinary zoo! Yes, yes, yes! Located at Clark Free Port Zone, Zoocobia is indeed a very impressive and fun experience for friends and family!

They have this gravity car like in Sentosa Resort in Singapore, Birds of Paradise's colorful chirping birds, plants that Philippines arr very proud of and garden maze that will surely be thrillingly fun! If you also want to experience feeding goats, sheep and many more, you now can with Zoocobia's barn! 


What​ a great name! I really love their name and their logo too! Pangalan palang, gusto ko nang puntahan! 
Image Source

So, Zoocolate Thrills is located in Loboc, Bohol. It is the only theme park located in Bohol that would really thrill you! A river cruise for everyone who wants to visit the Loboc River, and you may also have that most unforgettable and instagram worthy pictures with their tram ride, horse/buffalo ride, and zip/zing ride!

I am very much excited on my travel with all these theme parks! Hope you are too! It is indeed Cool to Zoo!

For more information, you may check their website at www.zoomanity.com.ph! You may get in touch with them as well on the below list.

Email - info@zoomanity.com.ph or zoomanity@gmail.com
Contact number - (02) 899-9595 loc 344

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