13 September 2014

Pancake House Lunch Date at Eastwood City

So this is happiest day in my whole September 2014! Mother wanted to go to Eastwood on a Monday and I couldn't say anything but yes! She has just been out of the hospital for almost a month and this is our first lunch out together. Yahoo!

So we are busy roaming under the sun to look for a not-that-expensive yet classy restaurant when we saw Pancake House.

Hello Pancake House!

Stairs to 2nd Floor
And then, I suddenly craved for steaks! And here it is. I promise, this is one of the best!

So you're asking if this taste great? Well, of course!
Steak (P450++)

Though I have never tried their pancakes, Pancake House is indeed more than just pancakes! It has a whole lot more to offer like Halo-Halo, bangus, spaghetti and of course, steaks!

Daing na bangus (P250++)

While waiting for about 30 minutes or more, Mother and I took pictures and selfies. Yee. 

Hello! Hello!

My forever love
Mother chose Daing na Bangus and also tried Pancake House' Halo-Halo. I think there is nothing special on it or maybe I am not really a fan of Halo-halo because in just a glimpse, Mother finished the tall, cold glass! Haha!

Yum yum!

Really fascinated by this! Haha!
Because it's Pancake House :)

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Website: Pancake House

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