29 October 2014

Beat Stress with Feel Good Lactium!

Stress affects both mind and body.​ It is our natural response for anything that affects us. This may be because of a change in environment, that requires attention, effort or adjustment to what's normal.

However, this doesn't mean that we just have to go with the flow and not beat STRESS.

And this is what Feel Good Lactium is doing.. Promoting beating of stress in a natural way! 

Yes! Glad to know Feel Good Lactium at Blogapalooza 2014

Here's my oh-so-happy smile at Feel Good Lactium Booth at Blogapalooza 2014!
Know why here!

What is Feel Good Lactium®?

Feel Good Lactium® is a new and unique food supplement made of milk protein hydrolysate that reduces stress.

How does Feel Good Lactium® work in managing stress?

Feel Good Lactium® stimulates the brain to help release an amino acid called "GAMMA-AMINO BUTYRIC ACID (GABA)", which inhibits release of the "stress hormones". Adrenalin and Cortisol.

With the inhibitions of these stress hormones, physical stress manifestations such as anxiety/nervousness, increased blood pressure, pimple outbreaks, hairloss, fatique, eating and sleeping disorders and alike are manifested. Thus even under stressful situations, one manage to be relaxed, focused and show no sign of stress at all.

Is Feel Good Lactium® safe for you? 

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed that Feel Good Lactium® is completely harmless, non-addictive and has zero side efects. It is proven to be safe even for lactose intolerant people. A food supplement that can be taken daily, FDA registered under BFAD FR No 85114.

Direction for Use

Take 1 to 2 capsules of Feel Good Lactium® 30 minutes to 1 hour before a stressful situation
or before bedtime.

Where to find Feel Good Lactium®?

- Mercury Drugstores
- Generika
- Other drugstores nationwide

For more information, you may reach them on:

Facebook: /Lactium
Twitter: /feelgoodlactium

Brought to you by:
Sales & Distribution Office: 3F BNM Building, Manila Doctors Village 
 Almanza Uno, Las Pinas City
Telefax: +632 8019312 

26 October 2014

Treatment for Epilepsy

Epilepsy should be accurately diagnosed so that an effective treatment can be given.

Diagnosis is by a good clinical evaluation from a doctor who is familiar with the disease. In addition, other tests like an EEG (electroencephalogram, recording of brain waves) may be requested to confirm and classify the epilepsy; as well as a CT Scan or MRI of the brain, to find out what is causing it.

Once epilepsy is diagnosed, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. Research suggests that medication and other treatments may be less successful in treating epilepsy when delayed and when seizures and their consequences have become established.

Doctors who treat epilepsy come from many different fields of medicine. They include neurologists, pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, internists, and family physicians, as well as neurosurgeons and doctors called epileptologists who specialize in treating epilepsy.

People who need specialized or intensive care for epilepsy may be treated at large Epilepsy centers (at St Luke’s Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital, Medical City, Philippine Children’s Medical Center) and neurology clinics at hospitals or by neurologists in private practice.

An EEG costs from between 800- 2500 pesos; while an CT scan costs 5,000- 6,000 pesos; an MRI 7,000 – 12,000 pesos.

Medications and other treatments help manage seizures. More than 12 different antiepileptic drugs are now on the market in the Philippines, all with different benefits and side effects.

The choice of which drug to prescribe, and at what dosage, depends on many different factors, including the type of seizures a person has, the person’s lifestyle and age, how frequently the seizures occur, and, for a woman, the likelihood that she will become pregnant. People with epilepsy should follow their doctor’s advice and share any concerns they may have regarding their medication.

For most people with epilepsy, seizures can be controlled with just one drug at the right dose.

Using too many drugs in combination can worsen or aggravate side effects such as fatigue and decreased appetite, so doctors usually prescribe monotherapy, or the use of just one drug, whenever possible. Combinations of drugs are sometimes prescribed if monotherapy fails to effectively control a patient’s seizures.

Patients have to take medications 1-3x/day, everyday, for several years and other cases, for their lifetime.

Most side effects of antiepileptic drugs are relatively minor, such as fatigue, dizziness, or weight gain. However, severe and life-threatening side effects such as allergic reactions can occur.

Epilepsy medication also may predispose people to developing depression or psychoses. People with epilepsy should consult a doctor immediately if they develop any kind of rash while on medication, or if they find themselves depressed or otherwise unable to think in a rational manner.

If seizures are controlled within 2-5 years of medications, medications are eventually tapered and discontinued upon the advise of the doctor.

Some 20-30% of patients continue to have seizures that impact their daily lives in spite of medications.

People taking epilepsy medication should be sure to check with their doctor and/or seek a second medical opinion if their medication does not appear to be working or if it causes unexpected side effects.

Facts and Fallacies About Epilepsy

Philippine League Against Epilepsy, in celebration of National Epilepsy Awareness Week last September 1 - 6, 2014 shared some facts and fallacies about Epilepsy that would help us to fully understand Epilepsy.

Image Source

1. It is a mental condition and leads to insanity.

FACT: Epilepsy is a brain condition characterized by recurrent seizures. Seizures are sudden, brief abnormalities of behavior, thought, movement or sensation generally lasting for a few minutes. Seizures are caused by a hyperactive, disorganized electrical activity from the brain.

Although psychosis may be found in only 2-7% of persons with epilepsy, it is the exception rather than the rule.

2. It is caused by spirit possession or “pagsasapi”.

FACT: Although movies, literature and folklore refer to seizures as arising from a spirit possession because of some similarities in their manifestations, seizures can be documented scientifically as abnormal brain activity on EEG, unlike demon possession.

Seizures are not dealt with by exorcism or prayer; only by medications and in other cases, brain surgery and a special diet (ketogenic diet, doctor prescribed).

3. It is contagious or can be inherited. 

In the past decades, this fallacy has caused many patients with epilepsy to be shunned from society and from pursuing marriage and 

FACT: Many conditions can cause epilepsy. In a small number of patients (10-15%), the susceptibility or predisposition to develop seizures may be inherited. However, for the most number of patients, it can be due to other brain insults. It may happen in those with a history of head injury. It may also happen to those with hypoxic brain injury sustained from a birth complication ( lack of brain oxygen in the baby during child birth – ex. due to coiled cord around neck of baby, difficult labor, maternal complications leading to fetal distress). It may also result from an infection of the brain (meningitis, encephalitis), brain tumors, strokes, prolonged convulsions in childhood. The cause may be unknown in around 40% of cases.

This leads us to another interesting question:

4. Can Epilepsy be Prevented?

Many cases of epilepsy can be prevented by wearing seat belts and bicycle helmets, putting children in car seats, and other measures that prevent head injury and other trauma. Prescribing medication after first or second seizures or febrile seizures also may help prevent epilepsy in some cases. Good prenatal care, including treatment of high blood pressure and infections during pregnancy, can prevent brain damage in the developing baby that may lead to epilepsy and other neurological problems later.

Treating cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, infections, and other disorders that can affect the brain during adulthood and aging also may prevent many cases of epilepsy. Finally, identifying the genes for many neurological disorders can provide opportunities for genetic screening and prenatal diagnosis that may ultimately prevent many cases of epilepsy.

5. Epilepsy patients are retarded.

FACT: This is a misperception because epilepsy is highly prevalent among other disability groups such as autism (25.5%), cerebral palsy (13%), Down syndrome (13.6%) and mental retardation (25.5%). However, if one looks at the entire population of people suffering from epilepsy, majority of them have normal IQs, are able to go to school and sustain gainful employment.

6. Patients with epilepsy shouldn’t get stressed so they should not study or work or indulge in sports and leisure activity.

FACT: The relationship between the occurrence of psycho-mental stress and seizures is at present unstudied. Patients associate stressful periods with an increase in seizures. Many experts believe it is the effects of stress such as disturbed sleep and missing meals and medications that bring about an increase in seizures rather than the psychological or mental preoccupation itself.

The fact that there are philosophers, world leaders, artists, writers, politicians and athletes who have epilepsy prove that epilepsy should not pose a limitation to mental and physical activities.

7. Patients with epilepsy shouldn’t get married because they might pass on their epilepsy to their children. (See above on epilepsy and inheritance.)

8. When a patient starts to have a seizure, the best first aid is to stick a spoon inside

FACT: When a person goes into a seizure, there are very powerful muscle contractions that suddenly cause him to fall, stop breathing, bite his tongue and clamp his jaw.

Inserting an object into his mouth has been found to be more detrimental to the patients and has caused dental fractures, mouth lacerations and suffocation. It is not encouraged.

Rather, one should:

1) Cushion the patient’s head with a soft pillow.
2) Loosen his clothing around the neck.
3) Remove harmful objects around him which can hurt or injure him.
4) Turn him to his side to prevent suffocation and allow drainage of saliva.
5) Time the seizures. If seizures last 5 minutes or more or the patient has been injured, the patient should be brought immediately to the emergency room.

Image Source

9. Antiepileptic medications are toxic (“naluluto ang utak”) and should not be taken
for a long time. 

FACT: Epilepsy is a chronic condition and needs long term intake of antiepileptic drug, the minimum of which is 2-5 years, depending on its cause. Patients are always advised to take their medications daily to prevent seizures from recurring each day. There are minor side effects with long term intake, esp. on the bone, cognition, blood elements or liver but these can be monitored by the doctor on regular follow-up.

Image Source

National Epilepsy Awareness Week: IMPACT OF EPILEPSY

Image Source

Epilepsy is present in around 1% of the global population. This may be higher in developing countries.

In a country such as the Philippines with a population of 93 million, this means that an estimated 930,000 people suffer from epilepsy.

Local prevalence study: 230 persons with epilepsy / 100,000 population.Epilepsy strikes most often among the very young and the very old, although anyone can get it at any age.

The mortality rate among people with epilepsy is two to three times higher than the general population and the risk of sudden death is 24 times greater.

People with epilepsy can die of seizures and related-causes, including status epilepticus (non-stop seizures), sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), drowning and other accidents.

Twenty to thirty percent of people with epilepsy are severely affected and continue to have seizures despite treatment.

Of major chronic medical conditions, epilepsy is among the least understood even though one in three adults know someone with the disorder.

Lack of knowledge about proper seizure first aid exposes affected individuals to injury from unnecessary restraint and from objects needlessly forced into the mouth.

The leading non-medical problem confronting people with epilepsy is discrimination in education, employment and social acceptance. The association between epilepsy and depression is especially strong. More than one of every three persons with epilepsy are also affected by the mood disorder, and people with a history of depression have a 3 to 7 times higher risk of developing epilepsy.

From studies abroad, depression is reported by 24-74% of patients with epilepsy; anxiety in 10-25%. Around 64% of people with epilepsy in the Philippines suffer from anxiety and 51% from depression.

Living with epilepsy presents challenges affecting many aspects of life, including relationships with family and friends, school, employment and leisure activities.

Epilepsy: Tigil Atake.. Tulay sa Tagumpay!

In the pursuit of spreading Epilepsy Awareness in the country, the Philippine League Against Epilepsy celebrated National Epilepsy Awareness week last September 1-6 this year with the theme: “EPILEPSY: TIGIL ATAKE... TULAY SA TAGUMPAY.”

For this year, the week started off with a TRIPARTITE SYMPOSIUM FOR EUROLOGISTS: MARIJUANA IN EPILEPSY held at Sulo Hotel last September 1,2014. This forum among neurologist discussed the emerging issues on Medical Marijuana and to hopefully come out with a consensus statement on its role in the management of Epilepsy in the Philippines.

Last September 2, the 2014 Epilepsy Exemplar Awards was held at the Crowne Plaza. This awards night gives recognition to persons with epilepsy who have gone beyond their disease and have excelled in either their profession or in school.

Epilepsy Exemplar Awards 2014 Programme of Activities

To culminate the week’s major activities, a National Epilepsy Week Camp was held at the Queen Margarette Hotel in Lucena City, Quezon. This was a whole day affair were lay delegates gave lectures on epilepsy. There were also small group discussions that have been a venue for them to clarify issues that confront them in dealing with the disease.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, members of PLAE also held nationwide simultaneous round table discussions, lay fora and school caravans in their area of practice during the duration of the epilepsy week.

Also, here are some links and useful information about the fact and fallacies of Epilepsy, it's impact in our society, treatment, and current state of Epilepsy here in the Philippines.

Epilepsy Exemplar Awards 2014 Invitation

21 October 2014

#LiveWellLeaveWell with Aeternum Gardens

Taguig City, Philippines ( October 18, 2014 ) Jan Vincent Mercado, President of The Fort Park Estate Inc. who introduced the country's first True Garden Columbary, "Aeternum": The Park Estate Columbary discussed how they stumble upon the idea of putting up Aeternum Garden. He and his family received an offer before from the local city government to buy the property which then was just a piece of land. It was bought, developed and now became the country's first true garden columbary. "Living the life you want is very important but you need to live it well without harming other people." This is one of the inspiring lines from Vincent Mercado which people need to live by.

Aeternum is a Latin word which means Eternity. Located at the heart of Heritage Park Area 2 of Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, Aeternum Garden boasts its grandiose and inviting facilities such lush greenery, manmade lagoon and waterfalls, the viewing chapel where funeral services take place and the peaceful columbarium.

 #LiveWellLeaveWell is the theme of the night where guests are encouraged to share something that they could not forget about their departed loved ones. Online media and VIP guests willingly participated in the "mini-sharing".

Aeternum Garden has a viewing chapel inside the 5-hectare land of The Fort Park Estate Inc. Families, friends and other relatives may reminisce the happy memories they had with their loved ones inside the chapel peacefully and scenic praying areas of the park. The serenity inside and outside the chapel and the themed buildings will make you feel at ease for your treasured ones.


Back to the pre-historic times, people from Rome, Italy called Etruscans give honour to their loved ones by cremating them believing that fire would purify their loved ones for eternity. After the cremation service, the matriarch of the family would gather the ashes of her loved one and place them in an urn and was kept in a sacred place - the columbarium.


Aeternum Garden which is a unique and floral-inspired structure symbolizes the love of the family to the departed ones. The garden setting is a sanctuary of memories and a haven of comfort for those who were left behind. At night, you will an amazing view of the
​ ​
columbarium as the lighting is randomly changing its colors. Classy. Flexible. Grandiose. Majestic. Serene. These are the words to describe Aeternum Garden. If you are wondering if the rates are too expensive, need not to worry as Aeternum offers its clients flexible payment options.

We all deserve a place on Earth like heaven. You live well. You leave well.

For more information, please take note on the details below:
Aeternum Garden Columbary Park C5 corner Bayani Road Heritage Park Area 2 Taguig 
Tel: (02) 401 1303 
Facebook : Aeternum Columbary 
Twitter: @AeternumGarden 
Instagram: @AeternumGarden 

20 October 2014

Eat like a Viking at Vikings Mall of Asia!

It was my very first time to eat on this luxury buffet. I have been hearing a lot of things and good reviews about Vikings even before but was able to experience it just last week of September 2014.

Okay, I trolled Vikings website a bit for a short history and learned that Vikings had been in the food industry for three years already with branches strategically located all over the country (Marikina City, Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Davao City and Pasay City. Vikings has won many prestigious awards already and with this, Vikings has reached a new recognition in the eye of both industry and Filipino people.

My boyfriend and I celebrated his birthday at Vikings Mall of Asia (MOA). His birthday is on a weekday so I didn't reserve for a table thinking that the place might not be full. But it was the other way around. We arrived at around 10:00AM and headed to Vikings. At first, we don't know where it is exactly located. All we know is that it is at the Seaside area. So, we walked and walked and walked to the end of the seaside area. Lesson learned, research the location first, and, never forget to make a reservation.

Here are some of our photos! Was not able to take lots of pictures of the food and all though. :( 

So here's me and my boyfriend enjoying lunch only for P688+. Since it was his birthday, we availed the birthday promo!

Here's our outside view.

Le boyfriend's favorite baked mussels and shrimp!

We are so busy eating that we forgot to take photos of the place and yummilicious dishes! Glad we were so full when and took a photo of this pasta! Haha!

Was not able to take photos for the main course and all. But here's the area for the dessert! 

And oh! The Jellies!

I honestly don't know what I'm capturing here. Maybe it's this stainless coffee maker. Ha ha! 

Boyfriend's so happy with tall and sexy unlimited San Mig Light dispenser (whuut?) Haha!

And then, my boyfriend is really a shy and manly guy. Knowing that Vikings is singing a very merry happy birthday to each and every birthday celebrant, he started drinking this. Haha!

..as he, you know, doesn't want to feel awkward with all the men singing around him. Haha!

It was about 2:30PM then when I was losing hope that the 'singers' may not greet him anymore when..
This happy guy started singing and dancing in front of le boyfriend. Glad I captured the 'Heeeey you..' moment of the day! 

This photo really made me laugh so hard! It's just full of emotions you know! 

A happy birthday with my Viking!

Plus, Vikings gave my pretty boy a cute cake! 

Yehey! Thanks Vikings for this super cute cake!

My boyfriend and I spent the day happily. Thanks Vikings for the great place, dishes and drinks! We will surely drop by again.

For more information, you may follow them on:

Twitter: @vikingsbuffet
Website: www.vikings.ph/

18 October 2014

Go Natural with Delite Herbal Tea

It was a fortunate event when I got to know Natural Quality Corp amazing health products at Blogaplooza 2014.

Image Source

In order to fully know what Natural Quality Corp has in store for us, I did a little research about the company, their products and services and the people who are using their products. Natural Quality Corp have been in the Philippine market since 2002 and started exporting products in the United States and Japan.

One of their many health products is Delite Herbal Tea. I have been starting to drink herbal teas just last month and have tried many. And today, I am starting to try Delite Herbal Tea.

Delite Ampalaya Plus Herbal Tea is a delicious and easy way to drink traditional Philippine tea while getting the health benefits of Ampalaya (Bitter Melon), Banaba(Lagerstroemia speciosa) and Luyang Dilaw (Turmeric). It is infused with Green Tea and natural Calamansi (Philippine-Tropical lime) that results in a healthy and delightful drink.

Maybe you'll be asking 'What's in it for me?' 

Listed below are some of the many benefits we can have from Delite Ampala Plus Herbal Tea's ingredients.

1. Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd)

One way this fruit can help is by regulating the blood sugar level. We all know when the level is too high it means bad things to come. Controlling blood sugar level is the only way to be diabetic free with minimal damage to the entire system. When insulin receptors become ineffective or does not function as it should, it is called a down regulated insulin receptor. 

Image Source

Using bitter melon in the diet can help reverse the insulin resistance effect. Bitter melon helps diabetics to treat insulin resistant without medication. This is an important role in prevention and treatment of type II diabetes which is also known as insulin-independent diabetes. This can also prevent further diabetic complications that are cause by chronically high sugar concentrations. -Source

2. Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa)

Banaba is a leaf extract from a crepe myrtle species found in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. This product may help promote glucose uptake and produce insulin-like effects. It has been studied in rodents, but a small study in patients with type 2 diabetes found that a soft-gel formulation of the extract, called Glucosol (now called GlucoTrim), lowered glucose.

Image Source

There are no serious side effects associated with the use of banaba, but hypoglycemia may occur, and the patient’s dose of diabetes medications may have to be lowered. There is limited information regarding the use of this product, so it is not recommended at this time. - Source

3. Luyang Dilaw (Turmeric)

The health benefits of Turmeric have been recognized by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. It has been used to treat everyday problems such as indigestion and flatulence, as well as more serious problems such as arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, high cholesterol, heartburn, jaundice, liver disorders, and menstrual disorders. Turmeric can also be applied topically in poultices to reduce inflammation and to relieve wounds, cuts, and bruises.

Recent studies have shown that the antioxidant agents in Turmeric help reduce insulin resistance, which may prevent the onset of Type-2 Diabetes. Therefore, a simple preventive remedy is to take one teaspoon of turmeric powder twice a day with meals. Curcumin extracts or capsules can also be used as an alternative to the powder. -Source

If you want to know more about Natural Quality Corp's products, follow them on:

Twitter: @gonattural & @delitetea
Instagram: @deliteherbaltea

17 October 2014

4 Dont's for Guys When in an Argument with Le Girlfriends

Have you ever been in a relationship or currently in a relationship? Can you already say that the one you have in your life right now is your God's best and you feel that he really is the one for you? The one who will be your forever?

Maybe you have been together for quite sometime now. You can say that you already know his everything. And all you can say to your friends is you already found your true love.

But, do you really know him? How does he reacts when you are ​in an argument with something?

Image Source
To all the guys out there, ​here are some tips while in an argument with your partner:


Again, when I say listen, not just ​​plain listen with only your ears on her. Look into her eyes and feel the things​, problems or suggestions​ that she is saying. Understand her. Know why she's now a tiger when awhile a go, she is just a cute little cat.

​​Always remember that eyes are the window to your soul. I believe that every girl in a relationship deserves to be heard. 

​​Listen carefully
and don't just nod if you really don't understand what she wants you to know. Ask things that you don't understand in order for her to know that you really care about the situation right now and you are willing to solve the problem together.

​​2. DON'T #$%#^@#%$ -- YOU'RE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT

Guys, please, we know that you're the man in this relationship. But hey, that doesn't mean that you are always right. 

For example, your girl is saying positive things like, "I love how these attitude of ours are working on us." And then you reply with "No dear. We can never be like this without the help of my personal development book." Did I hear a 'Woah?' Yes. You read that right! There are really guys out there who are just like this --​ who always want the credit to be on them. And this is a big ​n​o-no.


​​..even if we are shouting. I know this is a bit unfair. But you know, we are still girls. We may be shouting but it is not as loud and as hurting as yours guys. (Yeah, I'm talking about a typical man-woman). 

We know you are hot tempered in nature but please, try to make us cool! More than that, if you did something wrong that made us shout, never ever shout at us too! Just calm us down and we will. After days.


Don't you dare, dear love. Because you may never see us again. And girls, you are all beautiful enough not to be respected with a man like this. So guys, again, don't you dare put your heavy hands on us. Every
 argument hurts us emotionally, so let's not just add a black eye to that.

Okay. Enough said or do you want me to add more? Haha. Kidding!

​Image Source​

And also, girls, just a piece of advice, we sometimes tend to be super-duper emotional on some things that guys really hate​ (Okay. I'm guilty on this.)​ ​But​ ​let's ​try to be cool as well and if ​you​ feel like shouting, close your eyes and say to yourself, ​"It's okay.. Calm down."

​​It will magically calm you down. A bit. Ha ha.

​All relationships has to have these downs as well. ​I am pretty sure that these will help the couple to assess their differences and what is important is that at the end of the day, both of you still decides to be with each other, firmly believing that the relationship is worth fighting for.

Maybe you'll be asking what if the problem is third party? Personally, I guess that should the end of the story.

15 October 2014

Professional Blogging Summit

If you are interested to know more about blogging, the do's and don'ts for social media networking, or anything about the blogosphere, grab this FREE Professional Blogging Summit in partnership with #DPOP which will be held at (A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati City near Best Western Plus Antel Hotel) on October 18, 2014.

This half-day event aims to gather social influencers together with professional speakers/panelists who will share their experiences in offering products or services online and managing their online identity and how to work well with clients and suppliers.

October 18 AGENDA

12NN to 1PM - Registration

1:00PM to 1:40PM - Maintaining a Professional Bloggers and Social Media Specialists Network 

Panelists will share insights on how they started their blog and social media network, recruitment, and relationship management. Handling blogger politics and intrigues.

2:00PM to 2:40PM - Getting Clients, Professional Blogger Ethics, and Maintaining Goodwill Relationships

Speaker: Jeoff Solas and Joselito "Toots" Tolentino

Panelists will share their experience

3:00PM to 3:30PM - SPONSOR TALK

3:45PM to 4:30PM - From Blogger to Blog Celebrity: The Journey

Speaker: Seph Cham and more to be added.

Celebrity bloggers how they transitioned from blogger to brand endorsers and blog celebrity.

4:45PM to 5:30PM - From Bloggers to E-Commerce / Social Media Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Sai Sayson MontesJanette Toral and more to be added.

Featuring hobbyists who sell through their blog, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. They will share what works and not.

The event can only accommodate 100 interested participants. So sign up now HERE

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