24 November 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Want More Sweet Endings?

sweet ending is a moment that perfectly caps off your day or week. It’s a moment to be savored and enjoyed.

And of course we all want that sweet ending in almost everything. It could be that fireworks after your dinner date, that warm toast of wine with your boss after a job well done, that one-on-one deep conversation with someone you truly love after a very long and tiring day, that good night kiss from your lovey dovey as he/she bids goodnight..Or how about that wonderful Friday movie night with Cadbury Dairy Milk and Nuffnang Philippines? Hmm. Sounds amazing, right?

Because the odds were all in my flavor, I've watched the premier night of Mockingjay (Part 1) with my boyfriend and cousin!

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Yes! All thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Cadbury Dairy Milk for giving me and my #TeamFrenchVanilla Barkada Familia a truly wonderful way to  cap off the week and enjoy our sweet endings!


Before anything else, let's talk about Cadbury Dairy Milk and it's new flavors.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the smooth and creamy chocolate that gives you sweet endings – either when enjoying it alone or with your friends. Sweet endings mean savoring the good things in life, including a bar of this smooth and creamy chocolate! Now you can have your very own sweet ending in Paris while enjoying the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavors:French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse.

Enjoy the light exquisite taste of Vanilla cream-filled chocolate with the new Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla. You can just imagine sitting in view of the Eiffel Tower while savoring this delicious treat! Try siting in a quaint café while enjoying the sites and this new flavor.    

Then there’s Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Chocolate Mousse. Did you know that the word mousse in French means “foam?” Hear the strains of “La Vie en Rose” as you bite into the light and airy taste of chocolate-flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate. Watch the beautiful Manila sunset while on a Balcony and the experience of eating this chocolate will be just as romantic.  

Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse are available beginning November 2014 in the big and satisfying 180g pack for an SRP of only P180.00. Hurry though because these delectable sweet endings are yours for a limited time only.


It was last November 21, 2014 when we gather at Shangrila Plaza, Mandaluyong for a very special movie premier night of Mockingjay (Part 1) with Cadbury Philippines and Nuffnang Philippines. Yes! The night was indeed very special to me mainly because:

1. It is my first time to be part of Nuffnang's movie premier event
2. It is my favorite movie's second to the last part; and
3. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our monthsary together every 21st of the month!

Thanks for the treat, Nuffnang and Cadbury! We definitely had the sweetest monthsary so far with all your sweet and surprising treats!

Because we are happy and blessed!

We also got to be with my cousin, and I believe she definitely enjoyed the night!

Together with my pretty cousin!

We are #TeamFrenchVanilla!

While waiting for the program to start, we got to watch Cadbury Dairy Milk newest commercial! And because we are the very first one to enter the cinema, we've watched the commercial for over twenty times! And my head is still in an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) mode! Haha!

“Baby baby baby baby.. Heaven sent you. Maybe maybe maybe maybe.. We were meant to be together, be forever, two lil’ hearts go, boom. Bo-boom boom boom.”

Also, before the show started, we played games and had a raffle! Bad thing I wasn't able to participate to the game because the Nuffies are really competitive! Haha!

Winners got a big box full of Cadbury sweets, movie passes, and gift certificates! Really a wow!

We played bring me!
Cadbury Philippines Brand Manager while explaining the newest limited edition of
French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse

Here is the very cheerful Cadbury Philippines Brand Manager explaining the newest limited edition of French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse. She also raffled out more boxes of Cadbury Dairy Milk! The program was really fun -- I am sure we all definitely had a blast!

Here's by the way the trailer for Mockingjay Part 1! You should never miss this out, friends!

 Mockingjay + Cadbury Dairy Milk + Nuffnang + Friends =  MY KIND OF SWEET ENDING! 

 Want to have MORE sweet endings? 

Join Cadbury's contest HERE and get a chance to have your own sweet ending in an all expense paid in Boracay with --- not just two, not just three, not just four but FIVE of your friends plus pocket money! Isn't that great! So click HERE now and let's join Cadbury's Sweet Ending contest!

Watch these all out and check out how to have more sweet endings!

Thanks again to Nuffnang Philippines Cadbury Philippines for this awesome treats!

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