13 November 2014

New Blog: The Project Clear Clutter

Ever since, I really wanted to have a highly organized room, clutter-free office desk, pretty shelves and all. I want to have a notebook with a creative touch in it or make a beautiful scrapbook with all the recent happenings in life.

But I honestly don't know how. I want to have an organized closet but I am always in a hurry. So, I guess this is the time I have to thank my ever loving and supportive Mom. Haha. 

And with this, Project Clear Clutter was born! This will serve as my personal project  and tracker to being organized and creative in my everyday life. 

Again, I am now starting this project and I want you to be a part of this journey to an organized life! 

I am the type of person who wants everything in order, but sadly, that thought doesn’t work for me – ever since. Haha. Just so happy that Mom’s the best in everything. But you know, we also have to, of course, work on our own! So, I thought why not have a blog as my clear clutter tracker? Great idea indeed!

I jumpstarted the blog last April 7, 2014, (I know, that's a very long time ago. Haha.) and here’s how Project Clear Clutter was born! 

Join me as I unleash my potential in all DIYs, organization and simplifying life. 

Speaking of simplify, I was busy reading my favorite blogs when I bumped into www.simplify101.com. Simplify 101 is not just a blog -- it's a very extraordinary blog that aims to help people like me to have a more organized life. They offer FREE workshops for you and me! Isn't it great? 

So, I quickly signed up for a workshop about Creating a Command Central Binder. This will last three weeks and I am so excited about it! Try it! It's for FREE! 

I am positive that this will turn out great and will be full of excitement!

If you have thoughts on how we can further develop this project and journey of ours and yours, you are very much welcome to write on the below comment box! I will be very happy for your response!

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