18 January 2015

Reasons Why I #BlogWithNuffnang

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Being with Nuffnang for about four (4) months now, I can now say that this site has been one of my favorites not only because of the earnings we can get from advertisements and the prizes we can have from the contests but also because of the sincerity of Nuffnang to help promote bloggers as well.

Before we go to far, let me introduce to you Nuffnang Philippines.

What is Nuffnang?

Nuffnang is the world's leading blog advertising community. This community currently reaches out to more than 300,000 bloggers in 8 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and United Kingdom.

At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blogs placed by various, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests they organize.

History with Nuffnang

Last September 2014, I decided to go back to my passion  and my forever ever love, writing. And with that comes the search of how can I fully utilize my blogs. And then I remembered Nuffnang which I have known ever since I was in my college years (that was around six (6) years already!).

I quickly headed to check the site, installed all the codes and amazed to see advertisement on my site! I am also fond in checking Nuffnang's announcements from time to time because I am always excited for all their announcements, updates, contests, and events!

Three Reasons Why I Love Nuffnang

These are just some of the many reasons why I love Nuffnang. I am also happy because this is only the blog advertising company which I feel like I am really part of it, and that feeling of the team is really reaching out for you. ♥

1. Contests

Yes! Honestly, this is the very first reason why I love Nuffnang. I have never encountered any other blog advertising network which are giving contests for bloggers. Aside from the prize of course, what I love here is that I can practice to blog wholeheartedly. ♥

2. Earn 

Nuffnang is an blog advertising site, we, bloggers, can also earn by putting codes for advertisements on our sites. Since I am still starting to build blogs, earnings are still low. But I am positive that I am also going to earn on this site one of these days.

Really for keeps!

3. Meet New Friends

Because Nuffnang together with its partners are really generous in giving contest like free movies, exclusive events, and the likes, we get to meet new friends with the same passion as ours.

We are also given the chance sometimes to talk with the Nuffnang team and their partner brands and this helps expand our network as well.

Why We Should Have Our Own Domain Name And Hosting

Personally, I believe we bloggers, deserve to have our own domain name and hosting. This is to have a presentable blog and platform for our own world with the aim of helping people with the articles we put online.

In line with this, I personally want to have my own domain name and hosting. And one of my faith goals/resolutions for this year is to have my own domain name and hosting for all of my blogs. Yes! All of my blogs and my upcoming blogs.

SEE: Faith Goals 2015

Speaking of Nuffnang, domain name and hosting, let's all join this #BlogwithNuffnang contest! As I have said earlier, having a blog with your own domain name and hosting is very essential for me (and I hope for you too!). 

Join Nuffnang Contest HERE

Why I Deserve To Win

Piathought serves to be my diary for all the things I experienced in life. I personally think that it is fulfilling to read your works online when you get old. How cool is that? 

But it is more fulfilling when you have your own .com and hosting! Yahoo! Who's with me here?

I personally believe that I deserve to win this contest because by just joining and making this blog means that I am eager to pursue blogging. My long term goal of making niche sites which the main aim is to help people answer queries and disseminate information are some of the strong reasons why I need to win this contest. 

Again, let's all join #BlogwithNuffnang contest! For more information, you may click HERE. What's more exciting here is that this is not only open for us who already have a blog but also for those who doesn't have a blog yet! 

For those who joined and will be joining this contest, here's a sincere 'Good luck' to you and me!

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