16 January 2015

My 2015 Faith Goals

My last blog was all about the highlights of my 2014 - the happy, sad, and exciting moments which all gave me lessons in return.

Today, before January ends, let me share my faith goals with you.

Faith goals are goals that you want to achieve with hope, prayer, and FAITH in God. I believe that everything that has to be done here on Earth has to have faith because without faith, we will be like the lost sheep, without the shepherd.

God knows the desires of my heart, and I am sure that He wants love, abundance, and faith to reign in my heart this year. And above all things, I want to honor and acknowledge Him in all I do.

So, here is the list of some of my faith goals for 2015. Can you feel my excitement here, guys?

Oh! Before that, here is my mantra for 2015 -- Get out of your shell! 

Claiming for blessing upon blessing!

Enough with all the 'I can't do it. I'm shy. I just.. I can't.' Do what you want, love what you do, and show the world that you can do it!

1. Have My Own Sweet Spot (Home Office)   DONE 

I still remember when I was still in my high school years, I always want to have my own study table. I imagine it to be so girly that I just want to break down and cry because of its cuteness. Haha! Sorry for being so imaginative.

Anyway, because I am now working in the corporate world, I already felt having my own space, desk with pretty office supplies, and computer. However, because I feel like writing is really for me, I am praying for even a small sweet spot in our humble abode. That spot wherein I will be doing my own stuff, write my own world, and organize all my incoming pretty stuff! 

This will also be the place for my quiet time with God. I am so excited! ♥

Update: So happy to for my new home office!

2. New Niche Sites

I am really into writing and I want to write just about everything! However, I noticed personally that writing all topic in one blog is somewhat not good and I feel like my blog is a little scattered and messy. 

So, I am so happy to announce (shameless plug, this is!) that I am planning to launch an all about faith website, travel blog, business blog, and will also relaunch my projectclearclutter.blogspot.com

Image source
Really excited to finally write about everything I love! Seriously, I will never get tired of writing. 

3. Vacations

Yes, VACATIONS - with an 'S'!

Who doesn't want a vacation anyway? Last year was pretty tough for me. I have had so many ups and downs but still, I didn't even had even a single out-of-town vacation! Oh, I remembered going out with my boyfriend and his friends at Villa Alfredo's Resort, Pampanga. But I think I can't consider that because I want my trip to be like 2-3 days. 

Well, I remembered I am always in staycation -- stay-at-home vacation where everything is pink (our walls) and maroon (our floor). Haha!

I am also hoping and praying for green fields, blue skies, white shores and of course, my ever favorite long beaches! So this year, I am ready to travel and conquer the Philippines with my family! Oh, big word! Haha! 

Image Source
Praying for a trip to Puerto Galera, Boracay, and Palawan. Forgive me but even Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom are some of my dreams! (Yeah, so sad that I've never been to Enchanted Kingdom and I've been in Tagaytay once only - grade 6 fieldtrip. Ugh. Haha!)

I believe God also wants me to take a rest and take it all slow. So I am really excited for these.

4. Ukay Okay Relaunch    DONE 

From the word itself, I am selling ukay-ukay. Well, not all are from ukay-ukay. Mostly are from our own closet. You will see branded items from Mango, Old navy, Zara, and many more! 

I was so busy last year that I forgot to update my Ukay Okay page on facebook. But to my surprise, the 1,000 likes boomed into 3,000++ without even doing a single effort! I am so happy! 

So, last January 3, 2015, I relaunched Ukay Okay! Follow us at ukayokayshop.blogspot.com and like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/UkayOKOfficial

Follow us on facebook: Ukay Okay

5. Launch a DIY and Crafts Business

I am so excited for this one! I am not really into DIYs and crafts but I am truly amazed by people who are passionate for this. And I am partnering with one of the best artists in town! Incredible! Watch out for this, guys!

6. Know Him More

Last but definitely not the least, I want to know Him more. I want this 2015 be filled with His love and blessings. Now, as I looked back to my past, I saw blessing upon blessing without me realizing that it is definitely the works of the Lord in my life and in my Mama's life. 

I am aiming to be His ambassadress. I want Him to use me as a tool for spreading His word.

Guys, I really have a long list of goals and I know you guys don't want to know it all. Haha! 

I am claiming and expecting that this year will be full of surprises, blessings, joy, peace, and of course, struggles. Struggles that will help me grow in faith. I am praying for revelations day in and day out that will help me live a life according to His will.

So, here's my big HELLO 2015! I will surely love you! ♥

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