27 September 2014

The 3rd Laguna Blogging Summit 2014

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Are you a blogger? Do you want to know more about Social Media and how to be a responsible Social Influencer? Or maybe you just want to know and explore more about the blogging industry? 
If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the questions above, the 3rd Laguna Blogging Summit is for you! Happening on October 3, 2014, Friday, this blogging summit is set to help you learn more about being a responsible Social Media Networking influencer. 

This 3rd Laguna Blogging Summit 2014 will be hosted by Florencio Jusay Jr and Rod Magaru with the speakers listed below focusing on their area of expertise to help us understand more about blogging and social media.

Date: October 3, 2014 (Friday)
Time: 8AM - 5PM
Venue: Malayan College Auditorium, Cabuyao Laguna
Fee: P200.00
  • Pocholo Gonzales (Creative Voices)
  • BarisJoaquin (Saddleback Church)
  • Janette Toral (Digital Filipino)
  • Grace Bondad Nicolas (Empowered Grace)
  • Art Samaniego (Manila Bulletin)
  • Rod Magaru (The Rod Magaru Show)
  • Lloyd Luna (Motivational Speaker)

This event is sponsored by Greenwich, Gardenia, Adventure Jungle, Zoomanity Group, Tribune Post, Kipling, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide and Expose Newspaper.

26 September 2014

Globe Free FB is BACK!

Globe is very much excited to announce that their Free Facebook will be back next week! Fellow Filipino people are just so excited that #FreeFBisBACK hashtag on twitter trends nationwide!

Here is the official statement from Globe sent to Yahoo! Philippines about this craze! See full story here.

“At Globe, we've been working for years to create a wonderful digital experience for our customers. We have known for some time that the internet is at the heart of everything in one's digital life. Our customers know that through our great partnerships with Facebook, Spotify, Google, Viber and others.

As the telco which pioneered Free FB for the world, we are flattered and honored that our competitors have chosen to follow the lead we have set. We wish to thank them for the compliment and wish them the best of luck. More people on the internet is good for the Philippines and our ecosystem.

In the end, customers will choose the telco provider with the best digital services and the fastest experience possible. Amidst all the hype and promotions, we are happy in the fact that, at Globe, we deliver both.

We look forward to more vigorous competition to come! Stay tuned.

As Yahoo! Philippines says, indeed, Globe is the very first telco who promoted and started this FREE FACEBOOK craze. And at the end, decision will still be based on the end user -- the customers.

Zoomanity Group: It's Cool to Zoo


Ever since we were little, we always drag our Mommy and Daddy to go to the zoo and cry and if our wishes didn't come true! I remembered before when I was little, I used to go to one of the most popular zoos in the country. And now, I am currently checking for a zoo that would give me the thrill and fun -- and ta daa! I found the Zoomanity Group!

By just looking on their website, Zoomanity Group is indeed one of the the happiest places in Subic Freeport Zone! Being the leading Company in theme park industry and part of the Yupangco Group of Companies, Zoomanity Group envisions itself to be a world class, innovative themepark and aims to be the best tourist destination that provides nature educational experiences.

Zoomanity Group has five themeparks which are the following:

  1. Zoobic Safari 
  2. Residence Inn 
  3. Paradizoo 
  4. Zoocobia Fun Zoo 
  5. Zoocolate Thrills

Woot! I think I will be loving the Zoobic Safari most! Oh! No! I think I will go with the Residence Inn and the Paradizoo, the Zoocobia Fun Zoo and.. Zoocolate Thrills may be the best too. Lol!I guess I will really be loving them all! Are you excited now? Let's check them out one by one.

Ready. Set. Go!


Zoobic Safari is one of the best attractions at Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure! It 25 hectare wide with a reall forest feel with terrains, streams and all! This is why we can be sure exotic animals roaming around can be found here! What a thrill!

Experience trekking, and watch these exotic animals, and have a great getaway with family and friends on this beautiful 25 hectare land!

Doesn't know how to get there? Here's a map for you and your friends!


Image Source

We all want that relaxation we deserve from a month or a week long project or event at work. yes guys, we deserve to have that! That feeling of groping for nature again, be in a cold, windy yet near place, or by simply going to the zoo on a weekend.

Well, lucky you because Residence Inn at Tagaytay have that in one place!

Enjoy that cold weather while looking at the peaceful Taal Lake, and reunite with some old friends (lol) on their mini zoo! Really a very great and peaceful place to rest with your whole family and friends.

Image Source
Image Source

Want to be on that near place wherein you can enjoy leisure time with your family and friends and be on that paradise and zoo at the same time?

Well, the best place for you will be Paradizoo Farm located at Mendez, Cavite! So for all those nature lovers and animal lovers like me, let's go now to Paradizoo and visit their camels, llama, miniature horses, labrador retrievers and many more!

One more highlight for this theme park cum farm zoo is that you have the 'Plant Me Home' wherein you can pick vegetables and flowers from their garden plots to take home! Wow! How cool is that!


Zoocobia is more than just your ordinary zoo! Yes, yes, yes! Located at Clark Free Port Zone, Zoocobia is indeed a very impressive and fun experience for friends and family!

They have this gravity car like in Sentosa Resort in Singapore, Birds of Paradise's colorful chirping birds, plants that Philippines arr very proud of and garden maze that will surely be thrillingly fun! If you also want to experience feeding goats, sheep and many more, you now can with Zoocobia's barn! 


What​ a great name! I really love their name and their logo too! Pangalan palang, gusto ko nang puntahan! 
Image Source

So, Zoocolate Thrills is located in Loboc, Bohol. It is the only theme park located in Bohol that would really thrill you! A river cruise for everyone who wants to visit the Loboc River, and you may also have that most unforgettable and instagram worthy pictures with their tram ride, horse/buffalo ride, and zip/zing ride!

I am very much excited on my travel with all these theme parks! Hope you are too! It is indeed Cool to Zoo!

For more information, you may check their website at www.zoomanity.com.ph! You may get in touch with them as well on the below list.

Email - info@zoomanity.com.ph or zoomanity@gmail.com
Contact number - (02) 899-9595 loc 344

24 September 2014

The Lifestyle Bazaar 2014

It is now less than hundred days and we will be celebrating Christmas 2014! Let's again say 'Hi' and 'Hello' to that very long supermarket counter, happy Christmas carols, congested streets and of course, food!  

But, before that happen, as early as now, let's save for The Lifestyle Bazaar, the biggest lifestyle bazaar in the Metro happening on November 14, 15 and 16 at the Metrotent, Metrowalk, Pasig City!

(c) TheLifestyleBazaar

The Lifestyle Bazaar focuses on lifestyles, its differences and its emergence in our today's society. Shoppers and food lovers get ready, as the delightful and trendiest fashion and food concessionaires await you!

Few booths are still available so don't miss out! Connect with The Lifestyle Booth on their Facebook or instagram account!

You may email them as well at thelifestylebazaar@gmail.com

See you there!

23 September 2014

Take your 'Best Food Forward'

I was busy browsing the world of internet about my next food destination when I came across this from NuffnangPH. First word I saw was FOOD and I never hesitated to join! Lol.

Anyway, so again, here is the most anticipated Food Fair ever and take note, Best Food Forward is now on its 4th year of giving happiness and joy to our taste buds! This will happen on October 11 - 12, 2014 at the Rockwell Tent from 10:00 AM to 9:00PM!

If you want to be part of this big food fair ever, simply follow the steps below:

1. Save and post the poster above on your instagram account. 
(Click HERE for my Instagram entry (thought you might want to check, dear! Oh! Let's connect too!)

2. For the caption of the instagram entry, simply answer this - “What food do you expect to get your taste buds on at the upcoming #BestFoodForward on October 11-12, 2014?”

3. Tag @nuffnangPH, @bestfoodforwardph and @churp2ph

(Okay, I am not very sure about these tags because Nuffnang just said on their blog to tag the following accounts, but there no accounts posted after.
  1. Tag the following accounts on the photo 
But better tag them so that we're not sorry. 

4. Copy your url link to your instagram post, then fill out their form.

Here's the link to Nuffnang's contest. Hope to you all there everyone! I'm sure that will be so exciting!

20 September 2014

Giligans Restaurant Review - Greenbelt 1, Makati City


At the heart of Makati City, lies one of the best and affordelicious restaurant here in the Philippines -- Giligans Restaurant

Giligans Restaurant has many branches all over the Philippines but one of my most visited spots is at Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati City. 

(c) giligans.com
I have been to many Giligans Restaurants branches and this one has been the closest to my heart. I usually set near the window and look at people quickly passing by, friends laughing and lovers holding hands. 

Way from Paseo de Roxas

Since Giligans is promoting the 'feel' of sailing inside the restaurant with all the anchors, sea paintings and waiters in pirate style, and not to mention their light effect, you can indeed 'feel' that sea and ship sailing.

With their food, well, I guess I am in love with their very affordable but the best Sinigang na Baboy. Just for over P150+ Sinigang na Baboy is served for 2-3 or maybe 4 persons! Plus, they have the best 'asim ng Sinigang'! Okay, let's move one to their menu because my tastebuds are groping for Sinigang na Baboy right now. But yes, Giligan's Sinigang na Baboy, highly recommended!

13 September 2014

Pancake House Lunch Date at Eastwood City

So this is happiest day in my whole September 2014! Mother wanted to go to Eastwood on a Monday and I couldn't say anything but yes! She has just been out of the hospital for almost a month and this is our first lunch out together. Yahoo!

So we are busy roaming under the sun to look for a not-that-expensive yet classy restaurant when we saw Pancake House.

Hello Pancake House!

Stairs to 2nd Floor
And then, I suddenly craved for steaks! And here it is. I promise, this is one of the best!

So you're asking if this taste great? Well, of course!
Steak (P450++)

Though I have never tried their pancakes, Pancake House is indeed more than just pancakes! It has a whole lot more to offer like Halo-Halo, bangus, spaghetti and of course, steaks!

Daing na bangus (P250++)

While waiting for about 30 minutes or more, Mother and I took pictures and selfies. Yee. 

Hello! Hello!

My forever love
Mother chose Daing na Bangus and also tried Pancake House' Halo-Halo. I think there is nothing special on it or maybe I am not really a fan of Halo-halo because in just a glimpse, Mother finished the tall, cold glass! Haha!

Yum yum!

Really fascinated by this! Haha!
Because it's Pancake House :)

For more Pancake House' reviews, click here.
Website: Pancake House

Villa Alfredo's Resort, San Fernando, Pampanga

The almost three-long-hour ride to Villa Alfredo's Resort in San Fernando, Pampanga was indeed worth the wait. The nature-inspired resort with mini zoo full of birds of different kinds, snakes and colorful fishes is a yes-yes feeling! It is really best for family getaway, barkada night out or just a simple day tour!

As much as I enjoyed with this resort, there are also some areas that I have taken into much consideration in reviewing this. 

Note: I have nothing against the resort or the people in it. I am just stating what I witnessed in our visit.

Here are some of the areas to consider:

Swimming pools:        7

We visited Villa Alfredo's on a Sunday. And since it is on a weekend, we expected that there will be more people than the usual regular weekdays. After some chit-chats with friends, we then headed to the Aztec Wave Pool and we were dumbfounded when we saw people like Koi fishes happily waiting for the food, I mean, waves under the sun. I was not able to take pictures of the wave pool on that day but here is the picture from Villaalfredo's Resort's website. Imagine it full of people. :) One big pool party! Yeah!

(c) villaalfredos

(c) Artel
Room: 7

Since we are more or less 10 in the group, we decided to rent the ANA Room. This includes one air-conditioned room with one bed, toilet and bathroom and a veranda with one long table and few chairs. This is all for P2,000. I think that's cheaper compared to other resorts since the area is somewhat wide and you have your own privacy.

The room is really for like four or three persons if you will be staying the whole night. But since we just stayed for the whole day, the place is fine for 10 or more persons. However, the toilet and bath is not really clean and it doesn't smell right. But still, one thing I like about it is its wide and not like the other hotel rooms with just small one.

Environment: 8

The environment is truly lovely. It has gardens and landscapes everywhere, mini zoos that little kiddos will surely enjoy and many other picture perfect area. 


  • The group visited this resort on a Sunday, summer time, that's why it is very crowded, especially the wave pool.
  • We weren't able to rent videoke because the reservations are full. We hope that they can increase the number of videokes for their resort. I think we will be happier if we have videoke since the boys love singing. LOL. 
  • One time, we asked Ate (Kuya, I guess lol) if she can take a picture of us. Then I saw the I-have-many-things-to-do facial expression but still, she manged to smile and click the camera. We said thanks but still, we hope that employee of the resorts would be more enthusiastic and approachable.

I can rate Villa Alfredo's Resort 7 out of 10 with 10 being the highest. 

Will you refer this resort to a friend?

Yes! Overall, transactions with the resort has been smooth. The environment is generally clean. Whether you will be on a day tour or overnight stay, you will surely enjoy this resort. 

Wensha Spa Antipolo Review

UPDATE: No more Wensha Antipolo! Click HERE if you want to know more!

Feeling tired from the all the daily routines in life, my boyfriend and I thought of having a body massage.

Luckily, we got a good deal from Metrodeal at Wensha Spa Antipolo (Click here for the photos).

To go there, near Ali Mall Cubao, ride a jeepney en-route to Antipolo City Via Sumulong Hi-Way. When going uphill, the place is at your right along with Cafe-Lupe. Inform Manong driver too to drop you off at Wensha. You will never miss it.

The deal we have is 30% off which amounts to Php545 instead of Php780. Click here for more information.

My boyfriend fetched me at Sta. Lucia Mall at 3:30 PM, rode a jeepney and stopped at Wensha Spa at 4:00 PM. Since we don’t know the place, I asked Manong Driver to drop us off to the place. And, welcome to Wensha Spa Antipolo!

(c) http://www.chadsenga.com
After examining the place, we headed to the reception area. The receptionist informed us that we can stay for 6 hours. Sounds good!

For Metrodeal users, just hand your printed vouchers to the receptionist and she/he will give you your electronic bracelets just like these.
Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
His e-bracelet’s number is 101 whereas mine is 21. Was not able to take a picture of it though.

And no, this is not just an ordinary bracelet. This is an electronic bracelet for your locker! What’s more interesting is that this can be word at all times even when you dip into the cold and hot Jacuzzi. We as well left our shoes to the receptionist and he gave us slippers in return.

So this is the way to the ladies area:

This way is to the Gentlemen's Area:

Since it was my first time at Wensha Antipolo, I quickly looked for my locker and did not notice the lady supervising the area. I had trouble looking for my locker because I was not wearing glasses at that time. Then the lady made some annoying high-pitch ‘Pssssst. Pssst. Pssssssssst!’ noise — she looked very pissed.

Looking at her, she shouted that my locker is at the rightmost and lowest part at the end. I said ‘Thank you’ with a smile. But still, this should not be the way employees in a business should behave. This will definitely affects the business itself. After several minutes, the lady again shouted to a young lady on the direction to the shower area. I just thought that she maybe has a big voice. But again, these instances should be corrected by the management.

The lady gave me a towel and a robe and went to the washroom.  After a couple of minutes, I went out and met my boyfriend at the reception area.

Camera 360

Thanks Kuya Guard for this picture! :)

And we headed to the buffet area! It was already 4:30 PM at that time and we were feeling hungry already. Oh well, we feel hungry all the time! Haha.

(c) http://christiasworld.blogspot.com/

Camera 360

Camera 360

We were not able to get many pictures because we were so busy talking of many random things! After we ate, we went to the second floor to register our names for the body massage. The attendant informed us to wait for an hour for the massage. And again, we went to the buffet area and of course, ate again! Haha!

While waiting, we took a couple of shots of the area, ate lots and lots of food and talked anything under the sun! Here are some of our pictures:
Weird. He wants a picture of us always! Lol!
Eee. Again. With his wacky pose.

I really don’t want to have a solo but he insisted! Oh well, papel. :)

Camera 360

Camera 360
Having that peace sign because he ATE all of the food. Haha.

Camera 360
The ‘medyo-mahalay’ and ‘medyo-kita-ang-dibdib’ pic

After we got tired of eating, talking and taking pictures, we went down to the massage room and waited again for our turn. While waiting, there’s this certain guy with the whole family I guess who was waiting for a therapist. We saw that he was very pissed and wants a refund because according to him, their time is very limited and they went to the spa for a relaxation; and not for stress of waiting.

Then after minutes of waiting the guy and his family brushed off the spa. Just so sad. Indeed, the business should have a number of therapists that could cater to the needs of their customers.

Also, another guy who seemed pissed as well already, announced that he no longer wants the service; meaning he now wants a refund. Oh-oh.

Then, after about 3 minutes, it’s Marvin’s turn. He quickly informed the attendant that he’ll just accompany me to the Ladies Massage Area and will get back right away.

The Body Massage Experience

It was heaven! If only I could groan and moan loudly, I would. Hahaha! The name of my therapist is Eunice and we did a little chit-chat while she was massaging me. It was really heaven.
Marvin texted me, saying that his therapist is a lesbian and is not that friendly. Ayii, I doubt. Haha!

After an hour of massage, we again ate and went  to our own wet areas. I tried the hot and cold Jacuzzi and sauna. Luckily, we were just two on the wet area. So, I stripped nekked, laughed silently and dipped my cold body on the pool. Ahaha!

It’s already 9:30 PM when we left the place. All in all, the experience was great! We will definitely try this again. :)

Camera 360

For more information visit them on:

Wensha Spa Antipolo Facebook Account: Wensha Antipolo Facebook

Wensha Spa Antipolo Address: G/F Comoda Ville, 267-269 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo
Wensha Spa Antipolo Contact Details: 655-7377

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